Foot Traffic Data

Understand foot traffic activity at a specific site or area including the who, when, frequency, and length of a visit.

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How customers use our Foot Traffic Data

Foot traffic data, point of interest POI data and demographic data to and from a trade area tell us about more than venue or store visits. Footfall data shaped into location intelligence can inform a variety of use cases in real estate, including in the process of pinpointing new store locations.

Customers leverage our foot traffic data to test key business criteria including:

Store Performance

Understanding your target audience and their lifestyles in an area can help you adjust store layout, inventory, and marketing.

Customer visit patterns

Understanding patterns in your customers' visits on a hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Site Selection

When expanding your number of stores, knowing if your new location is attracting enough people and the right type of audience will help you make the right choices.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand if your target audience frequents your competitors more than your store and their pattern of visits.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Benchmark your stores to the industry to understand how individual stores within a brand are performing relative to the industry category and other competitors.

Many people turn to foot traffic data to help make better and more sustainable decisions, from creating a data-driven marketing campaign to applying location data in understanding mobility patterns.

For investors, retailers and urban planners alike, mobility data from mobile devices is the key to making better real time decisions.

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Foot Traffic

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Foot Traffic Data Features

We help you understand people’s movements in the physical world using accurate foot traffic data.

Customer visits

How many people visit your store?

Capture rate

Percentage of people in the area who end up visiting your store.

Visit patterns

Patterns for when people visit your store (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

Visit duration

How much time do people spend at your venue?

Customer loyalty

Do your customers return to you every month or go elsewhere?

Who are your customers?

Identify visitors by age, gender, income group, education, and race.

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