Retail Impact Scoreboard

Comparing current foot traffic to the pre-COVID-19 days can provide a deep understanding of the commercial and economic impact of the virus across different industries and geographies. Better still, industry- or brand-specific traffic trends can help identify early signals of a potential recovery in different regions of the US.

  • Visualize foot traffic trends for a variety of industries in all 50 states

  • Compare visitations in 2020 with visitations in 2019- Connect COVID

  • Connect COVID-19-related news story publications to changes in behavior

Retail Impact Scoreboard

Track which industries are seeing visitation changes as a result of COVID-19

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  • Our scoring system is based on the percentage increase or decrease from the same day in 2019:
    Hot: >20% increase
    Warm: 0-20% increase
    Cool: 0-20% decrease
    Cold: >20% decrease

  • Take the data for a test drive! Our sample, dated April 21 & 22, includes every state's visitation for each of the broad categories featured in the scoreboard above, as well as statewide totals for all industries — click here to download a CSV flat file.

  • Interested in traffic trends at a more granular level such as neighborhoods, brands, or venues? Contact our team to learn how our data feeds and insights reports can help.

What else can our data do?

The Scoreboard tool above is a high-level demonstration of how our data can help companies understand the current picture and react accordingly. Please contact us if you’d like to dig deeper:

Finer Resolution

Zoom in from the national and state-level maps to get insights at the county, city, neighborhood, census block group, or venue scales.

Industry Details

Our Real World Graph® comprises many more industries than what’s demonstrated above, including sub-categories (such as QSRs), brands, or individual locations.

Visitor Stratification

See traffic fluctuations broken out by different types of visitors, such as local visitors, tourists, or workers.

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Curious about exactly what data is included in the Retail Impact set? Check out the schema below. To download a sample of the data, please click here.


The dashboards on our website provide broad overviews of COVID-19 foot traffic patterns. Using our Real World Graph® we can provide specific insights and greater depth of detail for any industry, brand, or venue.

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Data Packages

Access our Venue or Neighborhood Packages via API or importable files.

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Report Studio

Get a report tailored for activity in your POI or neighborhood.

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Insights Dashboard

Visualize insights on a browser-based interface using a unique login.


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Social Distancing Scoreboard

A browser-based interactive tool that measures COVID-19- driven changes in human mobility in any US county (updated daily)

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Origin-Destination Flux

Measure changes in the human mobility patterns of larger areas, such as movement within neighborhoods or between states.

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Custom Data Analysis & Curated Data Sets

Pre-defined correlations and insights for organizations that need fast, user-friendly solutions tailored to their businesses.

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What can human mobility insights do to combat COVID-19?

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