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Understand the impact of COVID-19 using real data

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Covid-19 Toolkit

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Thank you for your interest in our Data For Good program. We’ve received a great response from the academic community and are currently supporting a large number of researchers.

We are at maximum capacity in our ability to support the data for free, and are requesting a discounted academic fee of $3500/month to access our data in order to continue to support our team.

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Screenshot of Migration Areas and Emerging Areas neighborhoods and states

Introducing The Unacast Social Distancing Scoreboard

Unacast updates the social distancing scoreboard

Unacast Updates Social Distancing Scoreboard

Data Schema

Data Schema for the Social Distancing Scoreboard

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Retail Impact Scoreboard screenshot

Retail Impact Scoreboard

For any given place of interest (such as airports, stadiums, and retail stores), compare traffic patterns to news cycles to determine which fluctuations are the result of COVID-19.

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Migration Patterns & Emerging Areas

Measure changes in the human mobility patterns of larger areas, such as movement within neighborhoods or between states.

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