Analytics Made Easy: Optimizing Predictiveness With Pre-Processed Data

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The rise of mobile data offers retailers unprecedented predictive power, but working with this data can be complex. Data scientists and analytics managers often grapple with inconsistent data, spend countless hours munging data, and question the reliability of their datasets.

In this webinar, Unacast and will show you how to use powerful, off-the-shelf datasets to enhance your predictive models without the hassle of extensive data preparation.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate Inconsistencies: Leverage pre-structured and cleaned data to ensure reliable insights every time.
  • Enhance Accuracy: Use segmented mobility data to find stronger signal and improve the accuracy of your predictive models.
  • Clarify Insights: Provide a clearer understanding of visitor behavior with segmented data, making your insights easier to interpret and share.
  • Drive Actionable Strategies: Turn data insights into actionable strategies that directly impact your bottom line.


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