How Advanced Audience Targeting Improves Marketing Strategy

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Advanced audience targeting, leveraging a deep understanding of the customer, benefits your marketing strategy by improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts, as well as the insights that drive future strategies.

Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is the key to effective marketing. Gone are the days when a mass-market flier or promotion could influence brand choice or drive sales: today’s customers expect personalization.

A recent survey reported that 63% of consumers are annoyed by the blasting of generic ads, while 71% become frustrated by an impersonal shopping experience. A satisfactory customer experience is a customized one – and advanced audience targeting techniques are the key to personalization.

Advanced audience targeting takes individualization beyond the basic demographic segmentation, which is the simplest form of segmentation. Demographics categorization, such as age, gender, and income, is information that can easily be used to break down a larger audience into smaller, cohesive parts.

Advanced audience targeting, on the other hand, brings in additional layers of information to provide a more complete picture of who the customer is, including their location, habits, and movement within the real world. Targeting an audience with this level of specificity accelerates the benefits of targeting by refining the audience to deliver even more personalized experiences.

Advanced audience targeting improves marketing strategy by improving conversions, reducing waste, and strengthening your brand.

Improving Conversions

Advanced audience targeting improves conversions by providing a message that speaks directly to the customer’s interests, needs, or history. A recent report found that conversion rates increase with the number of personalized interactions – from 1.7% (at 2 personalized page views) incrementally increasing to 31.6% by the tenth personalized page view. This demonstrates the direct impact of personalization on conversions.

Reducing Waste

On average, marketers waste an estimated 26% of their annual budgets on ineffective tactics. Audience targeting helps to reduce marketing waste, by improving the ROI of each campaign. With advanced audience targeting and higher conversion rates, waste can be reduced, and resources channeled to those strategies that prove to be the most effective. This prevents overall brand erosion because advertisements can be delivered to the right customers.

Strengthening Brand

As marketers grow more skilled at advanced audience targeting, they can build and strengthen the relationship between customer and brand. Because customers prefer a personalized experience, providing that experience through targeting will improve customer satisfaction. This helps to differentiate your brand from similar brands that are not as satisfactory. This further improves the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Advanced audience targeting incorporates elements of insight to a customer’s habits, affinities, interests and values. A recent study from Google found that ads that utilized customized messages, with audiences segmented by intent, affinity, in addition to demographics resulted in better ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration uplifts. These outcomes are all relevant to improving your marketing strategy by providing greater efficiency and increasing ROI across current marketing campaigns. This information can then be applied to future marketing spend, which is then made more effective with analytical insights.

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