Real World Use Cases

KeyMe Boosts Kiosk Revenue by Over 50% with Site Selection Insights from Unacast

November 30, 2018
Eric Hynes
Customer Success

The Challenge

KeyMe, a technology company revolutionizing the antiquated locksmith industry through robotic key duplicating kiosks, utilizes a model to best predict which sites will be best for new kiosks. However, that model lacked real-time traffic data that could supply accurate information on shorter-term trends and immediate human mobility behavior.

The Solution

Unacast, the leader in transparent, contextualized location data, offered KeyMe real-time location data to use in their model. The foot traffic data provided insights into where and how people were moving in the real world, allowing for more accurate detail and context than KeyMe’s initial data sources alone.

The Outcome

KeyMe's site selection model demonstrated clear improvements following the addition of Unacast data. Because the model is now capable of more nuanced, accurate predictions, KeyMe can make better site selections and ultimately generate higher revenue.

The Proof

The cohort of new kiosks installed after KeyMe updated the model to use Unacast data have so far shown, on average, 52% higher revenue than the kiosks installed in the prior 6 months.

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