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For decades, analysts using location data needed to labor through raw data, charts, and analytics just to build a story for mobility insights. Well, no more! Today, Unacast announces further extensions to our best-in-class location analytics through the use of Generative AI and new machine-learning-based capabilities to make that analysis easier and faster. 

With the introduction of Generative AI, we create instant explanations of data and reshape the way clients analyze, describe, and visualize specific data sets. Generative AI utilizes our best-in-class data combined with the power of learnings from the web to summarize visitation trends to a venue. This removes the need to analyze and visualize visitation data, making decision-makers one step closer to the insights they need. Simply put, our generative AI feature does the work for teams, making the path to smarter decisions easier and faster.

However, an accurate data story is only as valuable as the locations one needs to analyze. Sometimes a location isn’t as simple as a point of interest- it is an area, a block, or a whole city center.  Uncasts latest release extends our machine-learning-based visitation metrics to include capabilities for users to run analysis on their own custom boundaries.  Customers pick the areas and we deliver stable and accurate datasets alongside instantly digestible data stories. Depending on a client’s specific needs, Unacast is there to help get the most value out of the data.  

Unacast’s data analytics and insights are built on far more than just GPS-based data supply, but also take into account historical visitation patterns, weather, and over 40 other features, making it robust and resilient to changes to data supply in the future. Our location intelligence is powered by machine learning, and when validated against ground truth data, Unacast’s models recorded an R-squared of 91.6% higher, widely considered to be best-in-class. 

Unacast is committed to understanding how people move around on the planet by harnessing the power of location data. We’re building a future where precise and verified human mobility data helps organizations do well and do good. 

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