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Whether using location intelligence to support marketing campaigns, site selection, or competitive analysis, having foot traffic data for a venue is only one part of the solution. To get the full picture, you also need to know the foot traffic characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood. Now, Unacast Insights, our location insights platform, makes it easy to get that full picture through instant analytics and visualizations for neighborhoods and census block groups (CBGs).

Customers of Unacast Insights can now get the neighborhood data they need to make key business decisions with less effort and greater confidence. The platform lets you explore key differences between neighborhood residents and visitors, while also understanding who people are in an area and why they are likely there. Drill down to learn about a single venue with features like the GenAI chatbot, Una, and then compare that knowledge to the profile of the neighborhood where the venue is located. Unacast Insights, now with neighborhood data, makes it easier than ever to get the most value from our best-in-class location data so that you can drive your business forward.

A few ways our customers are using neighborhood data in Unacast Insights today:

  • Retailers use Unacast Insights to inform site selection. New, potential locations can now be evaluated and compared on a larger scale, beyond specific sites. These retailers start by identifying neighborhoods populated and visited by their target market, and then hone in on specific building sites with trade area data and our comparison tool. 
  • Real estate brokers and property owners rely on location insights to validate investments and optimize their current tenant profile. In an instant, they can stay up-to-date on the key characteristics of neighborhoods around their existing property portfolio, or those they are interested in. CRE brokers can easily visualize how a neighborhood has developed over time and use that information to find complementary investment opportunities. Neighborhood data can also be used to find the right fit for a tenant or to keep tenants in high-performing locations.
  • Marketers across industries use Unacast Insights to measure campaign performance, sharpen content, and target the right customers. For example, a marketer can optimize target locations for out-of-home advertising based on the profiles of residents and visitors to neighborhoods around their venue. Increased foot traffic to the venue can then be attributed to their marketing efforts.

Before gathering and analyzing location data for a neighborhood was resource-heavy and time-consuming, but Unacast Insights makes location intelligence accessible to everyone. Use neighborhood data to truly understand an area and ensure your strategy aligns with who lives and visits there — before you decide where to build your next store or buy your next ad. No matter your location data needs, our easy-to-use location insights platform, Unacast Insights, makes the path to smarter decisions easier and faster. Plus, our datasets are built with a privacy-first mindset, so you always have peace of mind when working with our data.

Unacast’s data analytics and insights are built on much more than just GPS-based data supply; we also take into account historical visitation patterns, weather, and more than 40 other features, making our analytics and insights both more robust and resilient to future changes in the data supply. Powered by proprietary machine learning and validated against ground truth data, Unacast’s models have recorded an R-squared of up to 92%, widely considered to be best-in-class. 

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