New York

New York

In New York city, there are over 71.000 people living close in proximity to each other per square mile. Innovative companies in The Big Apple are on a mission to leverage the proximity, by connecting mobile with different sensor technologies to improve marketing as we know it. According to the location based industry directory Proxbook, there are alone 16 proximity solution providers, who are headquartered in New York.

These are some of New York’s proximity solution providers


Tapit is a global technology platform which leverages a range of contactless technologies. It is an innovative solution whereby the consumer taps their smartphone against a Tapit-enabled physical support, such as outdoor media posters, product packaging and in-store marketing materials, enabled by an NFC tag, QR code or beacon. They are then instantly directed to the media owner's e-commerce site where they can buy digital content, in one click, charged to their operator phone bill. Tapit recently partnered with Gemalto, the global leader in digital security, and leverages Gemalto’s Netsize operator billing system. One-tap buying is a powerful way for brands around the world to embrace the power of the Internet of Things and unlock new ways to deliver and monetise services to mobile savvy consumers.


Thinaire provides a wide range of technologies and know-how to monetize the Internet of Things and the potential of proximity marketing. RF, NFC, beacons and a proximity video solution are all part of the company’s award winning platform. Thinaire recently announced the launch of a new plugin allowing PhoneGap and Cordova developers to easily add beacon, NFC, and geofencing to their applications. PhoneGap is a popular framework, used by a wide range of corporations, allowing developers to leverage JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to quickly create mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones. "In discussions with large brands, we were often asked whether there were any platforms supporting PhoneGap and we found that this was a market gap that had been left unaddressed," said Mark Goodstadt, CEO of Thinaire.

Notify Nearby

Notify Nearby allows customers, when walking by, to get the latest information on sales. It is not just another marketing app, as the end consumer is at the forefront of the company’s strategy. They have solved the problem of intrusiveness by giving an option to subscribe to different categories like coffee shops, designer clothing and so forth. So all the proximity notifications you receive are within your interest. Notify nearby app allows special offers while in store and also to keep up with favorite brands anytime, anywhere. The company currently operates in 250 malls and is working with over 100 retailers.


In this mobile-first world, the customer journey is more complex than ever before with an increasing number of touchpoints and evolving customer expectations. MobileROI is on a mission to empower brands to deliver exceptional consumer experiences. By leveraging the growing number of signals from smartphones and other external sensors like beacons. With the company’s multiple award winning platform, they help to leverage all of the small windows of opportunity that exist to provide customers with what they need at the very moment they need it. MobileROI has taken upon them to remove friction from the customer journey and to provide highly contextual experiences, by tapping into the customers online and offline landscapes. In their own words: “It's time for traditional marketing efforts and mass communication to give way to organic relationship management”.

Blue Bite

Blue Bite is a mobile-marketing solutions provider utilizing a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices. The company utilizes a combination of mobile technologies to deliver virtual any digital media content including images, videos, audio mp3s, maps, games, applications and coupons to mobile phones within targeted geographic locations. Blue Bite recently launched the Esca platform and a beacon, which simultaneously broadcasts both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols, allowing to deploy a single piece of hardware to perform multiple functions. Blue Bite has run a great number of out of home advertising mobile campaigns in North America for over 7 years.


Spreo uses Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and WiFi signal fingerprinting, and other data inputs to provide a complete, step-by-step indoor navigation, location based marketing and analytics service. Spreo technology features a proprietary indoor location algorithm with low latency and high accuracy. The company works with large venues and agencies to integrate Spreo technology into consumer apps via SDK. And it serves as the foundation for location based services and applications for many industries, including retail shopping centers, hospitals, manufacturing & warehouses, corporate offices, security, education, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and more. According to Grizzly Analytics president, Bruce Krulwich, Spreo is achieving strong accuracy and responsiveness due to their continuous software improvements.

Take a big bite, the apple will only get bigger

The Internet of Things in retail settings has so far helped retailers in attaining improved customer experiences and increased revenue, but this is still just the beginning. The global IoT in Retail market is expected to grow from $14.28 billion in 2015 to $35,64 billion by 2020. Companies, like the ones previously mentioned, are building the future of customer engagement. In a future where, “Customers will not tolerate companies that have amnesia when it comes to remembering them and their preferences for recognition. This makes it imperative for companies to recognize their customers and to serve them pertinent content that demonstrates the proper recognition and treatment.”, as so eloquently put by Gene Alvarez, Managing Vice President of Gartner.

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