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As a marketer, I'm used to the idea of company values - often, although they might be splashed across a homepage or shared with new hires to get them inspired, they are ultimately no more than words on a page. At Unacast, that's not the case. One of our most important values is "Trust Through Transparency", which is relevant across all aspects of what we do, from how we build products and communicate with clients and partners to how we work with one another on a daily basis.

Transparency Leads to Authenticity

What exactly does the value of transparency mean for our routine interactions? The truth is, the very idea of introducing more humanity and transparency into the workplace is contrary to the American working system. Luckily, that's starting to change. And as a company with offices in both Oslo and NYC, Unacast is uniquely positioned to help drive that change stateside.

One of the main benefits of being transprent and honest with coworkers is the freedom to bring your authentic self to work. It's impossible for who we are 5 days a week, 8 hours a day not to affect who we are in our personal lives, and having to constantly switch between personal and professional selves is not only exhausting, it actually leads to a less productive working environment. Think about it - the people you have the easiest time communicating and collaborating with are likely the people you know best. It only follows, then, that knowing your coworkers well - who they are, what they value, how they work best - will lead to stronger teams.

Now to put a marketing lens on this, authenticity and transparency benefit companies from a brand perspective as well. We all want to work with partners who we feel are "the real deal", and yet a majority of working environments and working relationships promote the antithesis of that. Then we wonder why messages don’t resonate. Why campaigns don’t succeed. Why audiences aren't listening. At Unacast, we've seen nothing but good come from forming honest, transparent relationships with each other, and with our clients and partners.

Encouraging a More Open Workplace

Building vulnerability and transparency in the workplace isn’t easy. It’s hard enough in an environment that promotes openness, let alone somewhere that doesn’t. So, how can it be done? The short answer: try. The slightly longer answer: try more empathy. Empathy and understanding create trust, which is a vital piece of the puzzle for team success. That's why we believe in "Trust Through Transparency". This isn’t about throwing boundaries out the window or abandoning professionalism. It’s about humanizing professionalism. From interns to managers to executives, no matter the industry. And it might just benefit every aspect of our working relationships.


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