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Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Unacast Insights, our powerful new location intelligence platform for real estate investors, retailers, and other companies that want to understand how people move around the United States and within specific locations of interest.

For the last 8 years brands, consultancies, and enterprise clients have come to Unacast for our best-in-class human mobility data, but have asked for additional tooling to help them better interact with the data.  Beginning today all customers who subscribe to Unacast’s mobility and migrations data sets will have access to Unacast Insights as will all new data buyers and users.  For those looking for an easy-to-use toolset to understand human mobility Unacast Insights is available as a stand alone product.

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Unacast Insights For Commercial Real Estate

Commercial realtors have always been trying to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and existing portfolio properties, but seldom have had the easy-to-use tools and resources to make the most of the data available to them.  In fact, many go by gut feel that leaves them at a disadvantage to their competitors who are actively using mobility data to inform their investment decisions.

Unacast Insights can help commercial real estate investors:

  • Understand migration patterns around the United States.  This allows investors to better spot both hot and emerging markets as well as markets that are cooling off.  Depending on the portfolio of investments an investor has or is evaluating this can offer up both investment and divestment strategies;
  • Monitor demographic shifts.  It’s one thing to understand how many people are moving in and out of areas, but to really understand how well an investment can perform for occupancy, price per square foot, and more, an investor needs to understand the community directly around their investments and how those communities are changing.
  • Analyze visitation to retail locations: While much of commercial real estate is mixed-use applications, it is also critical to understand the interests and shopping behaviors in comparison to the makeup of a given area.  This yields insights as to both interests as well as spending ability beyond what demographic data can tell an investor.

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Unacast Insights For Retail Operators & Marketers

Retail operators and marketers have always had a good understanding of the foot traffic and buying behavior inside of their own, existing properties, but like commercial real estate investors it’s the context around locations and even the mobility data to other locations that can give a retailer a winning edge.  To date most retailers have tried to understand competitive behavior through transactional data sets, quarterly earnings, and surveys, but those data sets are all lagging in nature and don’t give the retailer a distinct view of week to week behavior.  Unacast Insights makes this analysis easy to understand through our visualizations based on data sets specifically trained for retailers.

With Unacast Insights Retailers Can:

  • Understand competitive foot traffic on a weekly basis based on our industry-first retail trained visitation data sets.  This can give a baseline so that a retailers own foot traffic can be benchmarked relative to their competitive and complementary sets.  Put another way, if a retailer’s foot traffic is up or down, how does that compare to other similar stores in the area?
  • Contextualize competitive foot traffic through attached demographic data sets so as to better make decisions on store footprint, category, and product mixes.  Put another way, this data allows a retailer to ensure that they have the right products in the right places to serve the right market.
  • Better analyze not just their own trade areas, but also of their competitors.  For retailers such as grocery stores this becomes critical as the combination of marketing efforts as well as proximity to store matters both in store selection and in day to day activities to gain market share.

Unacast Insights is available today.  Learn more about the platform here.


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