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Unacast's Location Intelligence platform leverages best-in-class data, empowering your organization to make best-in-class decisions.

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Understand how people move around the U.S.

Visualize and understand how people are moving throughout the United States down to the zip code level.

Explore human mobility trends
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Make better investment decisions

Identify areas of growth and gaps in the marketplace — before your competitors.

Start investing smarter

Pinpoint your next location

Use foot traffic and demographic data to determine where to place your next physical location. Identify underserved areas before your competitors.

Find your next location
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Minimize risk to your portfolio

Understand how demographic and population shifts are changing the risk in your investment portfolio.

Minimize your risk

Refine your retail strategy

Inform your product offerings, category mix, marketing campaigns, and partnerships with foot traffic insights, cross-shopping intelligence, and trade area analysis.

Inform your strategy
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Stay ahead of your competition

Get insights into your competitors’ foot traffic trends, trade areas, visitor profiles, and customer loyalty. Measure your market share and regional dominance over time.

Get competitor insights

Understand your visitors

Get visitor demographics like income, gender, and more. Find out where visitors come from, where they live and work, and where else they go.

Explore visitor demographics
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Track visits to a location over time, and the demographics of those visitors

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Identify the home and work locations of your visitors

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Find out what other brands your visitors go to

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Benchmark foot traffic in your industry or market

Zip Code

Visualize migration at the zip code level

State Migration

Understand where people are moving to and from

Migration Trends - Benefit

Identify net population changes

Resident Demographics

Get demographics like income, gender, and more.

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