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Reach more engaged consumers and improve ROI for your next advertising campaign with location-based advertising audiences.

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Mobile users frequently attending yoga classes & visiting yoga studios

Connect with more 
engaged consumers by using location-informed advertising audiences.

Gravy Advertising Audiences, now part of Unacast, are the first and only location-based advertising audiences built on the physical places and events that consumers visit.

Use Cases

Audiences in Action

man and woman standing in front of counter. category lifestyle, and subcategory food and beverage.

Beat the Competition

Gain market share by targeting consumers who have recently visited competing store locations.

A woman smiling while online shopping, category In-market, subcategory home

Re-target Across Channels

Stay top of mind by retargeting consumers via mobile, CTV, and social media, as well as those who have visited your locations.

A laptop screen organizing files described as in-market with a subcategory of employment

Regain Customers

Engage lapsed customers who have previously visited your locations with tailored messaging to encourage a return visit.

man in black t-shirt and black shorts running on road during daytime. category lifestyle, subcategory fitness.

Find New Customers

Reach out to consumers looking for complementary services or visiting related chains.

A woman looking through a shopping catalogue, lifestyle, subcategory shopping

Convert Online Consumers

Establish new behavioral patterns and affinities. Convert online consumers who have expressed online interest but have not yet visited a store.

Ready-to-Use Audiences

Access our collection of thousands of ready-to-use audiences for quick-and-easy activation across all major DSPs/DMPs and channels, including connected TV (CTV). Our location experts create advertising audiences based on the most popular targeting segments:

Political voting district
International travel
Device type
Brand affinity
Frequency of visit
Location proximity
Life stage
B2B segment
Interest group
Lifestyle activity
In-Market Behavior

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Woman standing on the beach, Plan your next vacation today!

Ready-to-use audiences are available with the following identifiers to easily extend advertisers’ reach across digital channels.

Mobile Advertiser IDs (MAIDs)

Advertise to consumers directly on their mobile devices

IP addresses

Target a household or business with relevant messaging on desktop or CTV

Hashed email addresses (HEMs)

Expand your reach with a privacy-friendly and future-proof solution.

Data Collaboration Audiences

Power highly targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right audience using multi-dimensional intelligence. Data collaboration audiences are built using complementary datasets to create a precise segment of consumers that are more likely to engage with your brand. These audiences are carefully curated to help improve campaign performance, enable better personalization, and increase your return on advertising spend.

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Woman eating cheesecake, small and medium business employees that are restaurant diners, Category b2b2C, subcategory Bombora Audiences, powered by Gravy Analytics
Data in Action

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Home Buyers



Users visiting Homes for Sale or Open House Events


Business Traveler



Users whose travel profiles indicate business travel


Luxury Lifestyle



Users attending events and places that indicate a luxury lifestyle such as art auctions, luxury car auctions, country clubs and yacht clubs


Golf Lover



Users who golf frequently and attend golfing events


Self Pamperer



Users attending events and places that indicate they enjoy pampering themselves. These include personal health events and places such as spas, salons and boutiques


Beer Lover


Food and Beverage

Users who attend craft brewing events, beer tasting events and brewpubs


Auto Buyers



Users visiting Automobile Dealerships





Mobile users who have attended B2B Events related to Technology


Sports Fan



Users who attend spectator sporting events such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer games at the professional and college levels





Users participating in participatory sports events including running, bicycling, community sport team events, yoga classes, etc. and visiting gyms and health clubs

Our Methodology

How we build our Advertising Audiences

Our audiences are built with a privacy-first mindset to give you peace of mind as you solve your biggest business problems.
Step 1

Gather data sources

We use pseudonymous mobile location signals, and our AdmitOne processing engine to understand where people go in the real world.

Step 2

Data interpretation

We interpret consumer interests, affinities, and in-market purchasing behavior to segment audiences.

Step 3

Create precise audiences

We create location-based advertising audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. We match our data to precision geofences for millions of places, events, and points-of-interest (POIs), creating the first and only advertising audiences based on the physical places and events that consumers visit.

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