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NY2X - New York is growing 2x faster than in 2019

In January and February 2021, the five county New York area studied grew by 1,900 people and an estimated $1.2 billion. In January and February 2019, it was -7,100 and +$360 million. That means the population growth trend reversed +9,000 over 2019 and income growth rates were up 233% over 2019.

This defies a trend of nearly -111,000 in population loss in 2020 as COVID took hold. While the gain is small, the underlying data holds strong indications of resilience in the two most urban counties: New York and the Bronx.

Over January and February 2021

NY2X - New York is growing 2x faster than in 2019
Map showing the change in population and average income in New York's five counties.
A map highlighting our research findings. Please download the full report for more detailed information.

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