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Get Data for Any Location

Get Data for Any Location

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Unacast Insights

The Industry’s Most Accurate Location Intelligence Platform

Unacast SaaS Dashboard

Powered by Machine Learning Datasets

Unacast SaaS Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic

Track visits to a location over time, and the demographics of those visitors.

Unacast SaaS Dynamic Trade Area

Dynamic Trade Areas

Identify the home and work locations of your visitors.

Unacast SaaS Cross Visitation

Cross Visitation

Find out what other brands your visitors go to.

Unacast SaaS Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns

Understand where people are moving to and from.

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Industry Leader in Foot Traffic Data Insights

Expand your visibility into markets across the USA with Unacast’s location data insights products. Our clients leverage our products to enhance their decision making and strategies around competitive intelligence, investment decisions, forecasting, and market analysis.  Unacast is focused on delivering a consistent source of clean, privacy-friendly, aggregated data insights that are easy to work with and trusted to provide accurate insights. This allows our customers to move beyond device-level data, eliminating internal data processing challenges and data privacy risks, to solve real-world challenges.


Build mobility insights for any custom venue, neighborhood, or region


Enhance existing datasets for custom solutioning


Protect personal identity with clean, privacy-friendly data


Leverage a more compact and powerful alternative to device level data


Rely on stable, aggregated insights less prone to data supply fluctuations


Activate our 10+ years of industry expertise to better your business

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The industry’s most trustworthy location data.

Is Unacast data biased towards certain geographical areas or certain incomes? What exactly is location data? How does Unacast collect and ensure the privacy of my data?

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Customer Testimonials

Ingrid Gonzale

Ingrid Gonzale

Director of Sales

Unacast is an amazing GCP partner. They are using data to do innovative things ranging from tracking COVID-19 to predicting what location is the best for a new retail store. This is a huge step for our partnership and it will be a game changer!

Jeff Bank

Jeff Bank

VP, Strategic Alliance

Our strategic partnership with Unacast marries the expertise and data assets of Precisely and Unacast to deliver innovative and highly valued dynamic demographics data to our customers. We trust that our partnership with Unacast will continue to grow into the future.

Chris Withers

Chris Withers

Director of Data and Artificial Intelligence

BT has chosen to partner with Unacast because of the company’s proven track record … We look forward to becoming the market leader within data monetization for the UK market, and our partnership with Unacast is essential to that growth strategy.

Jay Panchal Headshot

Jay Panchal


We chose Unacast after evaluating all of the major players because they have the best end product for firms that don't want to deal with a mess of raw mobility data. Everything is pre-canned and ready-to go making it clean and easy to use for the insights we need.

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