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Migration Patterns

With the impact of COVID-19, we need to evaluate how the migration patterns of people leaving en masse from large cities or other epicenters of the crisis. Our Migration Patterns tool helps users understand from which areas / communities people are leaving and where they end up, thus highlighting the prominent migration patterns of people in response to COVID19. 

  • Visualize foot traffic trends for a variety of industries in all 50 states

  • Compare visitations in 2020 with visitations in 2019- Connect COVID

  • Connect COVID-19-related news story publications to changes in behavior

Understand the migration patterns resulting from COVID-19

How to use the dashboard

Interacting With Our Dashboard

The Migration Patterns dashboard was built as an interactive web map in ArcGIS Online. The dashboard consists of three views at different geographic levels: Regions, States and Counties.

The map is made up of the following:

  • A thematic region/state/county-level map with the lighter green colors representing lower flows and the darker green representing higher flows.

  • Flowline arrows of moves from the origin in New York City (five boroughs) to their destinations, along with a separate list of the destinations and percentage of total flows, sorted by volume

  • For the Regions and States views, clicking on the destinations in the list also shows a separate table containing the breakdown of destination states or counties.


The dashboards on our website provide broad overviews of COVID-19 foot traffic patterns. Using our Real World Graph® we can provide specific insights and greater depth of detail for any industry, brand, or venue.

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Insights Dashboard

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Social Distancing Scoreboard

A browser-based interactive tool that measures COVID-19- driven changes in human mobility in any US county (updated daily)

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Retail Impact Scoreboard screenshot

Retail Impact Scoreboard

For any given place of interest (such as airports, stadiums, and retail stores), compare traffic patterns to news cycles to determine which fluctuations are the result of COVID-19.

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Unacast Covid19 Recovery Tool

Neigborhood Insights

Easily explore and visualize recovery insights for any area of interest, down to the CBG level.

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Emerging Areas

Make the right real estate investments during COVID-19 by understanding which areas are emerging,

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