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Neighborhood Insights

COVID-19 didn’t affect every kind of place in the same way or at the same time. Correspondingly no one knows how recovery will take place. By comparing foot traffic to pre-COVID-19 levels discover in detail where, when and how your areas are recovering.

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Unacast Covid19 Recovery Tool

Visualize recovery insights for your neighborhood

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Discover how location data can help your organization navigate the recovery.

Use Cases

Our Neighborhood Insights were built with our users in mind. Here are some examples of what we can help with.

Timing Reopening Stores

Based on when people are back in public places, users can decide when and how they should reopen stores and/or offices.

Changing Market Landscape

Use foot traffic insights to understand how your market landscape is evolving and which visitor types are returning sooner then others.

Assessing Divestments

Understand what properties will recover slower/ not recover and make better decisions for divesting properties.

Redirect Supply Chain

Reroute away from the individual stores that can’t use it and towards other locations or distribution centers that can align with demand and help fulfill sales.

Forecasting New Rent Levels

By analyzing changes in foot traffic for a given area, our users can better forecast or anticipate changes in rent payments or collections.

Assessing Acquisitions

Identify changes in cities and neighborhoods you were considering investing in or identify new opportunities and make better decisions for your investments.


Visualize data and easily derive recovery insights about your area of interest

Create your own collections

Define your own sets of census block groups that represent your neighborhoods or trade areas.

Understand the recovery by different segments

Break down foot traffic by visitor type such as locals, non-locals, workers and residents.

Export data

Export the data as a csv and bring it with you into your own analysis.

Available on desktop and mobile

Gain insights and take action, on either desktop or mobile.

"One of the key questions commercial real estate and retail is trying to understand now is the recovery - when will it happen and where. I've been using the Unacast Neighborhood Insights, and the level of detail, down to census block group, allows me and my team to make informed decisions as we navigate through COVID-19 and the recovery"

Stefan Martinovic

Vice President of Investments

Midwood Investment & Development

Driven by data science to maximize actionability

Unacast's robust team of data scientists and PhDs focuses on data accuracy to ensure that our partners and clients get high-quality insights that reflect real-world events.

  • We calculate differences in traffic trends per census block group by comparing current traffic to the same time period last year. The metric is calculated for different groups separately, such as residents or workers

  • We detect trends and indicators within the differences that help understand if and how recovery is taking place

  • For each collection of census block groups, aggregated metrics provide an overview of the recovery patterns as they are happening and over time


Social Distancing Scoreboard

A browser-based interactive tool that measures COVID-19- driven changes in human mobility in any US county (updated daily)

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Retail Impact Scoreboard screenshot

Retail Impact Scoreboard

For any given place of interest (such as airports, stadiums, and retail stores), compare traffic patterns to news cycles to determine which fluctuations are the result of COVID-19.

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Migration Patterns

Measure changes in the human mobility patterns of larger areas, such as movement within neighborhoods or between states.

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Emerging Areas

Make the right real estate investments during COVID-19 by understanding which areas are emerging,

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Custom Data Analysis & Curated Data Sets

Pre-defined correlations and insights for organizations that need fast, user-friendly solutions tailored to their businesses.

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