For Data Providers & Apps

million proximity sensors forecasted globally by 2021
of global volume already connected to UNACAST PROX

The world’s leading location data providers and apps have joined Unacast to make sure they and their clients get the most out of their data.

Create New Products

Enable clients to leverage location and proximity data for retargeting and attribution.

New Revenue

Add new revenue to your and your clients’ monetization strategy.

Simple SDK 

Created with the highest privacy standards in mind, without suffering lags or decreasing the quality of the user experience.

Monetization without Disrupting UX

No ads, no disruptions - monetize without sacrificing anything users love about your app.

Proximity sensor data is double deterministic

We connect to physical pieces of hardware, like beacons, that are placed in specific and known locations like specific store departments, inside a car or next to a specific product. Simply put, proximity technology is granular and targeted, and works perfectly indoors too

Geo lat/long data is probabilistic

Today's insights and marketing platforms are heavily focused on geo-location data and lat/long, but as this data typically comes from unverified apps and bid requests combined with a geo-location API, the accuracy is difficult to pinpoint, especially indoors