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Our newest tool now boasts new features such as top locations and useful traffic trends for your neighborhoods!
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How many people are visiting your store?

Use our location data and insights to find out which areas have gaps in the local marketplace; and benchmark competitors’ peak visitations, foot traffic, and uncover previously unknown competitors.

Chart: Nike or Adidas: Which brand leads recovery efforts? The chart shows Nike traffic trending above Adidas with a spike on "Air Max Day".

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Insights for Retail

Explore the ways you can use location data to make better decisions in your retail business. Navigate below to learn more.

Icon Competitive Intelligence

Gather Insights on Your Competitors

Competitive Intelligence

  • Learn when and how often people visit your property instead of your competitors' (and vice versa), and how many people overlap
  • Benchmark competitors’ peak visitations, predict retail foot traffic, and measure other metrics
  • Compare your visitor demographics to your competitors’
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Graph Competitive Intelligence
Icon Neighbourhood Activity

Get Context for Existing or Potential Locations

Neighborhood Activity

  • Measure and benchmark the addressable market for individual properties
  • Uncover patterns in residential and/or commercial stays
  • Determine how many visitors to a neighborhood are locals versus out-of-towners
  • Understand how far people are traveling in order to get to the neighborhood
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Graph Neighbourhood Activity
Icon Neighbourhood Profiling

Uncover the Relevant Characteristics of a Place

Neighborhood Profiling

  • Explore the demographics of the neighborhood population
  • Discover similarities and patterns in the home neighborhoods of your existing customer base
  • Measure how a neighborhood’s population changes over time and identify ideal neighborhoods for advertising
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Graph Neighbourhood Profiling
Icon Site Performance

Measure the Performance of One or More Locations

Site Performance

  • Benchmark one or more properties’ ability to capture the addressable market
  • Determine your properties’ local catchment areas
  • Discover patterns in peak visitation, repeat or lapsed visitors, or visitor mix
  • Measure the impact of increased staff engagement, different merchandising mix, or alternative signage options
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Graph Site Performance
Icon Site Selection

Evaluate and Prioritize New Locations

Site Selection

  • Determine which sites are near places where visitors already congregate or travel
  • Determine which site characteristics help create a lasting tenant or visitor base
  • Project capture rates for new sites
  • Find out which areas have gaps in the local marketplace
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Graph Site Selection
Icon Visitor Profiling

Measure and Market to Different Customer Types

Visitor Profiling

  • Explore the demographics of the visitor population
  • Discover similarities and patterns in the home origins of your  visitors
  • Measure how the visiting population changes over time
Graph Visitor Profiling

Problems we solve

Developing Competitive Edge

How am I performing compared to my competitors?

Understanding Local Trade Areas

How is my local trade area changing?

Forecasting Demand

How many people are visiting my store and what will this look like in the future?

Maximizing Store Intelligence

Which areas and venues perform best for my brand and why?

Selecting New Sites

How do I evaluate and prioritize new and additional locations?

Profiling Full Customer Journey

Who is my customer and how do they behave outside of my stores?

Learn about our methodology and Schema

Have questions about our methodology? Have a look at the articles and data schema below.

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What can location data do for your business?

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