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Our newest tool now boasts new features such as top locations and useful traffic trends for your neighborhoods!
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A Complete Suite of Foot Traffic Insights for Retailers

Measure visitation impact across your business functions and make better decisions for your business with Unacast’s data insights and solutions. We help retailers answer questions like:

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How am I performing compared to my competitors?


How is my local trade area changing?


How many people are visiting my store and what will this look like in the future?


Which areas and venues perform best for my brand and why?


How do I evaluate and prioritize new and additional locations?


Who is my customer and where do they come from?

Use Cases for Retailers

Explore the ways you and your team can leverage our data to address strategic business challenges

Site Selection

Site Performance

Competitive Intelligence


Our Data

Get foot traffic data for any city, state, or point of interest with detailed insights on population movements, migration trends, shifts in demographics, and more. You can learn more about our methodologies and view our frequently asked questions.

Retail location data buyer's guide

Learn how retailers can use mobility data to make business decisions.

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What can location data do for your business?

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How many people are visiting your store?

Unacast helps retailers in sectors from shopping and restaurants to fitness centers and grocery stores leverage the power of human mobility data to measure visitation impact across sites, identify gaps in the market, benchmark against competitors, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Chart: Nike or Adidas: Which brand leads recovery efforts? The chart shows Nike traffic trending above Adidas with a spike on "Air Max Day".

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