3 Levels of Location Data


The Pure dataset is a lightly filtered stream of location data that we have aggregated from our sources. This data has been standardized and purged of overlapping and fraudulent data.
A good fit for you if you're a sophisticated platform with the internal capabilities to attach POI, analyze and extract value from data in a raw form.


Our Activity dataset has been processed and thoroughly vetted for accuracy, and we have added specific insights, like clustering and map contextualization, helping you to better understand the data.

Our proprietary data engine uses sophisticated algorithms to cluster pings into groups that indicate activity in certain locations.

Cluster Types

  • Dwell Events
  • Travel Events
  • Home (recurring dwell event overnight)
  • Work (recurring dwell event during
    the day)

Our proprietary algorithms cluster pings into groups that indicate activity in certain locations and then contextualize them using one or more maps.

Map Types

  • Municipal Maps (census block groups, cities, + states)
  • Parcels + Building Footprints
  • Venues + Places of Interest
  • Client-provided Map Data

Strategic Insights

Curated data sets & interpretations that help you answer important business questions and expand your enterprise.

Distance Traveled
How far do visitors travel to get to my venue?

These insights will help you:

  • Evaluate and prioritize new / additional locations
  • Understand why visitors might bypass competitors in order to visit your venue
  • Determine how many visitors consider your venue a destination versus a convenience

Cross Visitation
Where else do my visitors shop?

These insights will help you:

  • Measure brand fidelity
  • Uncover previously unknown competitors
  • Understand the behaviors behind each audience segment
  • Predict future consumer behavior and reactions to potential changes

Local Trade Area
Which areas generate most of my visitors?

These insights will help you:

  • Maximize ROI on an advertising campaign
  • Evaluate and prioritize new / additional locations
  • Track shifts in audience segments
  • Determine gaps in the market

Capture Rate
How many passers-by walk into the store?

These insights will help you:

  • Optimize visual merchandising
  • Achieve lift from advertising + communications campaigns
  • Create new paths for benchmarking
  • Capture more of the addressable market

What paths do my visitors usually take?

These insights will help you:

  • Understand how different segments’
    routes and modes of transit
  • Evaluate potential partnerships by identifying popular waypoints
  • Evaluate and prioritize new / additional locations
  • Profile places at the census block, city, or state scales

Custom Insights

For uncommon questions, our Business Strategists and Data Scientists work closely with you to develop the right strategy for using Human Mobility Data to answer them.