Why Advertisers Should Start Using Mobility Data in 2021

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Data metrics are the bread and butter of advertising, and the right data can help advertisers determine which audience to reach as well as the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. For targeted advertising, sure there are measures like special algorithms and click data, but what about real-world, mobility data like location intelligence?

Keep reading to see how using mobility data can help take an advertising campaign to the next level.

Improve Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Campaigns

We all know the importance of a great billboard and well-placed advertisement, especially going into 2021. Imagine how effective your advertising campaign could be with a little bit of digital sprinkled into the mix. For example, let’s say that you are an advertiser working with a pop-up vegan restaurant that happens to have a big loyal customer base. The brand is trying to attract more customers using a “cleaner meat-alternative” campaign for your organic bean-based burgers. The first ad campaign yielded limited results so you decide to look into DOOH.

Using mobility data like location intelligence, you are able to locate the places that the health-conscious carnivores congregate and what they are interested in. Some of these places are the SoulCycle down the street, Whole Foods, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. You decide to place your client’s digital billboard next to each location. After a couple of weeks, you notice an uptick in customers but want to look at which billboard the foot traffic is originating from.

Mobility data points you in the direction of putting a  billboard advertisement next to the SoulCycle studio that is about a quarter-mile away. The least successful of the three was Whole Foods, so instead of paying for the extra space, you decide to use the ad budget for that billboard on another advertisement next to a different SoulCycle location.

This amplifies your ad reach and before you know it, those burgers are selling out so fast your client is now considering a meatless chicken sandwich option, too!

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Market Research That Works

Choosing the right audience for a campaign is one of the hardest aspects of any advertiser or marketer’s job. Using mobility data can help market research companies determine customer preferences and interests based on the places customers go in the real world. Let’s consider a market research company that is working with a bank that wants to target its products and services to millennials and Gen Zers. This bank is considering opening a location in an up and coming suburban neighborhood that saw an influx of urban transplants during the COVID-19 lockdown.

They know that most of these consumers are millennials and Gen Zers who work from home, which is great, but the bank is trying to determine whether or not these consumers are reachable and convertible. Using location intelligence, the market research firm hired by the bank can see that what these consumers are especially interested in is buying new vehicles. The data shows that their prospects have been frequenting car dealerships a whole lot over the last couple of weeks. With that knowledge in their back pocket, they run a campaign on their great auto financing and interest rates as well as online Q&A education on buying a car for first-time buyers.

Because the messaging fits your audience, and the offer is spot on for your new location, you have in-person appointments than you have in all of 2020 for a similar location.

Mobility Data in 2021

We’re all trying to bounce back the best that we can from 2020, but you can step up your game with the right tools that work. Mobility data gives advertisers and market research companies the boost that they need to ensure that their campaign dollars are well spent. To learn more, book a meeting with us.


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