Understanding Cross-Shopping Behavior: Unearthing Insights with Unacast's Location Data

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In the world of retail, every advantage counts. Luring customers to your brick-and-mortar store is crucial, and understanding where they go next provides next-level intel. Enter the world of cross-shopping analysis: understanding how customers navigate multiple stores in a single shopping trip. Cracking this code unlocks invaluable insights – from competitor analysis to optimizing store layout and product inventory. But how do you track these elusive cross-shopping visits?

Traditional cross-shopping analysis leaves you in the dark

  • Surveys: Time-consuming and prone to bias, offering a blurry snapshot at best.
  • Loyalty programs: Valuable, but limited to your own captive audience.
  • Foot traffic counters: Tell you how many people enter, not where they go next.

Your secret weapon for demystifying cross-shopping behavior

Unacast's ultra-granular location data sheds light on the previously unseen. Imagine a map, not just of your store, but of the entire shopping ecosystem. Unacast paints a vivid picture of customer journeys, pinpointing where shoppers visit before and after your aisles.

Unlock the power of cross-shopping data

  • Identify your true competitors: Not just the stores across the street, but the ones your customers actually visit before or after you.
  • Optimize store layout: Place complementary products strategically based on common cross-shopping patterns.
  • Personalize promotions: Target customers with laser-sharp precision based on their broader shopping habits.
  • Negotiate with confidence: Prove your store's value to potential partners or investors by showcasing foot traffic insights.

Unacast's location data provides more than just numbers, it includes machine learning powered insights. A story of hidden connections, possible alliances, and customer journeys you never knew existed. By harnessing the power of cross-shopping insights, you can:

  • Boost in-store sales: Convert cross-shoppers into loyal customers by understanding their needs and preferences outside your store.
  • Strengthen brand partnerships: Collaborate with complementary stores to create seamless shopping experiences.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Identify emerging trends and adapt your strategy to take market share from your competitors.

Cross Shopping Examples

Beyond the valuable competitive insights you can glean from cross shopping data, Unacast data unveils the full story of your customers' shopping habits. Do you know where your customers come from and go after shopping at your store? Do you know what else they might need that your store could offer?

cross shopping

For example, did you know many consumers visit a home improvement store before hitting furniture aisles? This hidden connection suggests a prime opportunity to showcase complementary products, like stylish storage solutions for freshly renovated spaces. Or perhaps the influx of families from a nearby playground hints at a demand for child-friendly furniture you haven't fully tapped into. Every cross-shopping pattern whispers a customer's need, waiting to be amplified into a sales-boosting strategy. 

Unleash the power of location intelligence with Unacast, and watch your store visitation transform.

In the game of retail, knowledge is power. And with Unacast's cross-shopping data, you can stop guessing and start knowing. Dive into the fascinating world of location intelligence and unlock the hidden potential of your business.

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