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We recently launched (and re-launched!) our Retail Impact Scoreboard to provide retailers, retail analytics groups, and other purveyors of goods and services with a better understanding of the virus’ commercial impact across a variety of geographies and retail types.

As states begin to reopen and people’s behaviors are starting to trend towards pre-COVID19 times, everyone has the same questions on their minds:

  • Are my areas returning to normal activity?
  • Are people returning to mostly residential or commercial areas?
  • Will I see a return of tourist or non-local visitors to my areas or has it remained mostly residential?

By answering these and other questions, retailers and real estate professionals can understand when and where recovery is happening first. Furthermore, a “recovered” area might look quite different from its pre-COVID19 era. 

Existing COVID19 datasets and solutions are mostly robust datasets with confusing charts. At Unacast, we recognize the need for simplicity through clear and actionable insights. Our interactive Recovery Tool zooms into any area in the US and illustrates the area’s vitality via simplified metrics. Thus, our Recovery Tool allows any user to prepare appropriately for the new normal. 

How It Works

Our team will work with you, over the phone or by email, to pinpoint the areas for which you'd like insights. Once you’ve selected your areas, we will reach out with your access points and credentials and get you started!

We are now offering promotional pricing for Early Access users — learn more and sign up on our Recovery Tool Page.

At Unacast we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services. Help us make our Recovery Tool more of what you need by participating in Early Access. You will get promotional terms for the product, in exchange for giving us feedback on our process and product.


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