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Today, Unacast announced a partnership with Google Cloud that combines the cloud company’s generative AI technology with best-in-class location data. This collaboration involves Unacast leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform along with its own location analytics platform, Unacast Insights. This combination powers Unacast’s gen AI chatbot, Una, who interacts with Unacast customers to easily derive actionable location intelligence through open, responsible, and secure AI. 

Unacast Insights makes it easy to get value from location data. Working with data can be resource-heavy and time-consuming, whereas Unacast Insights streamlines the work by providing instant visualizations and analysis. Unacast Insights brings easy-to-use location intelligence to users with features like contextual summaries and the newly introduced Una chatbot, powered by Unacast proprietary location data and Vertex AI. Users get instant access to the location insights that will power their business forward.

“Unacast Insights built on Vertex AI removes the countless steps between working with data and realizing its value,” said Jonathon Schuster, Chief Product Officer at Unacast. “The way people move throughout the world impacts investment portfolios, new brick & mortar locations, merchandising efforts, and more. The key to making smarter decisions is truly understanding the how and why behind these movements. With Google Cloud as our AI partner, Unacast makes this level of understanding easily attainable.”

Unacast uses Vertex AI to combine its best-in-class anonymized location data with the knowledge of the web to instantly summarize visitation trends for any venue, while keeping user privacy top of mind. Location analysis gets even easier with the help of Una, where users can chat with her to ask location questions and receive answers all within the Insights platform. This opens the door to data exploration that would normally take hours of organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data.

“The Unacast and Google Cloud partnership illustrates how technology is bringing the benefits of complex and technical work to more industries and businesses,” said VP of Google Cloud's Global AI Business Philip Moyer “Location data was once only used by industry leaders with large data teams, the same goes for leading technology like generative AI. Our partnership will create a space where location intelligence and gen AI are accessible to more companies than ever before.”

To maximize the partnership with Google Cloud, Unacast leveraged the expertise of Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA, an Insight company. SADA’s technical assistance has made it possible to harness the power of Google Cloud and combine it with Unacast’s unparalleled location data. Working together has resulted in the new Una chatbot, which showcases the amazing potential for gen AI to summarize structured data with high accuracy.

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About Unacast

Founded in 2014, Unacast is a location insights company. We help retailers, real estate professionals, and investors make better data-driven decisions. Our clients use our data to improve high-leverage decisions such as site selection, retail operations, or assessing opportunities and risk. At Unacast, we help our clients analyze foot traffic patterns across various points of interest and contextualize this data with trade area, cross visitation, demographic, and migration analyses. These are available at the state, city, zip, and census block group levels. Our insights are built on proprietary data models that blend a wide variety of privacy-safe data with AI and machine learning to ensure that our clients have an accurate view of the world around them. Learn more at www.unacast.com.


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