The Top Real Estate Analytics Companies Right Now

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At a glance: these are the top real estate analytics companies. We break down the differences and key features of each one.

The top real estate analytics companies are focused on helping real estate investors make the right decisions by analyzing real estate data inputs.

Unacast is a location intelligence and foot traffic data provider that provides the actual data for your real estate analysis. We provide foot traffic patterns that help data driven real estate companies and commercial developers make better investment and site selection decisions.

Our data sources are often combined with other types of commercial real estate property data. To learn more about how top real estate companies use Unacast's foot traffic data, schedule a meeting with us.


At this point, every industry on the planet has been disrupted by technology, and real estate analytics is no different. Smart homes and buildings are pushing the boundaries of today’s residential and commercial real estate landscape.

There is an increasing awareness of the impact that location data has on traditional real estate business models. This facilitates a highly competitive market in which keen analysis of real estate analytics sets the standard for competition.

Property Technology in Real Estate Analytics

PropTech (short for “property” and “technology”) is disrupting everything. It’s driven by advances in location intelligence and the integration of IoT (Internet of Things). AI and machine learning head the movement to better address the needs of the commercial real estate industry.

PropTech enables enterprise chains to improve decision making, customer engagement, and building performance. Geospatial data provides greater property insights on focus areas like:

  • Buying and selling
  • Construction
  • Renting
  • Moving
  • Managing assets
  • Investment

So, how can you get your hands on some of this golden location data?

It all starts with choosing the right real estate analytics platform. Here’s a brief list of the top players in the game and what types of features they bring to the table:


Founded: 2016

Location: New York

A leader in real estate data analytics and insight, Cherre assists with better investment, management, and underwriting decisions. The tool empowers customers to evaluate commercial real estate trends and opportunities faster by providing a unique, single source of truth. The company has helped enterprise real estate firms save millions in manual data collection and real estate analytics costs.

Key Features

  • Holistic view of the entire portfolio. Filter by fund, asset class, geography, etc.
  • Leverage connected datasets for a contextualized view of target markets
  • Easily connect all internal operational and financial data
  • Create instant reports, monitor benchmarks, and track performance
  • Search for off-market opportunities across multiple datasets


Founded: 2015

Location: Cambridge, MA

Stratodem Analytics captures hyper-local demographic and economic data to forecast growth outlooks. They fuel smarter decision-making for the nation’s leading real estate development and investment organizations through data science that’s reshaping the market. The cloud-based tool is a massive reservoir for location-based data.

Key Features

  • Build predictive models that help clients shape market outcomes
  • Engineering groundbreaking data pipelines for 200+ data feeds
  • Deploy machine learning to identify new patterns
  • Develop rigorous models that instantly recalculate with new data feeds
  • Backtesting results to achieve the best forecasting accuracy

Real Capital Analytics

Founded: 2000

Location: New York

Real Capital Analytics, Inc. (RCA) is a real estate data and analytics firm that drives the commercial real estate investments market. The firm’s proprietary research is exclusively focused on the enterprise real estate sector. It tracks property transactions across all markets in 172 countries. You can access profiles on over 200k investors behind $20 trillion in transactions.

Key Features 

  • Timely and reliable transaction data with real-time coverage across all markets
  • Unique intelligence on capital flows, market pricing, and investment trends
  • Detailed data on the ownership and pricing of each property
  • Data meticulously researched by a team of RE professionals with rigorous methodology
  • Caters to all of the top most active brokerage firms


Founded: 2018

Location: Israel

Placense is a real estate analytics business that provides companies that rely on foot traffic, detailed, real-time data about customer flows at a desired location. There is no need for the additional installation of sensors. The platform easily provides the link between consumer behavior and a physical location.

Key Features

  • Sales conversion from data-driven visitor trends
  • Ready-made statistics for any locality and visitor group
  • Prioritize investments and assess value based on consumer movement data
  • Identify high-potential areas for strategic planning
  • Assess unique selling propositions 

Jupiter Intelligence

Founded: 2017

Location: San Mateo, CA 

Jupiter Intelligence is a global leader in data services. The brand helps enterprises predict and manage risks from extreme weather, sea-level rising, storm intensification, and rising temperatures caused by climate change. The company enables commercial real estate developers to plan, build, and manage assets driven by an understanding of probable vulnerabilities to climate.

Key Features

  • Incorporate climate risk into new market evaluations and long-term planning
  • Integrate REIT structuring and pricing with climate perils
  • Allocate capital to improve resiliency and lower insurance costs for certain developments
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative responses to investors and shareholders
  • Target investment opportunities while avoiding locations outside of risk tolerance

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Founded: 2005

Location: Kirkland, WA  

INRIX helps manage and plan transit systems for massive population growth. The mobility intelligence application makes it easy to visualize, analyze, and explore location-based data to manage mobility on a global scale. The system eliminates drivetime guesswork for buyers and helps establish unique relationships across the mobility ecosystem.   

Key Features

  • Innovative technology with unrivalled expertise and technical know-how
  • Predictive traffic tech with best-in-class professional services
  • Visual means to find all homes for sale within a desired drive time
  • Accurate commute time info for every house on the list
  • Analyze drive times at different times and days of the week


Founded: 1998

Location: Washington, D.C.

CoStar is one of the most comprehensive real estate analytics databases throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK. Companies can access analytic coverage of historical and current performance with insightful narrative on over 12,000 markets and submarkets, across all major asset types. CoStar helps manage risk and make real estate investment choices with confidence.

Key Features

  • Granular, verified data with vacancy, sales comps, rents, and more for any MFR or CRE
  • View key metrics that define portfolio performance including cap rates and vacancies
  • Underwrite any commercial real estate property and generate comprehensive reports
  • Develop quantitative models that are reviewed by local CRE analysts
  • Written and video commentary on local trends for new markets (390 markets, 2,767 sub)


Founded: 1994

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Buxton is a top platform for real estate analytics and intelligence. The web-based software is a collection of data and tools that make it easy to share, discover, and visualize real estate data insights. The suite of solutions gives commercial real estate providers actionable tools that help fill vacancies quickly with the best-fit tenants. 

Key Features

  • Effectively recruit new restaurant and retail concepts using drive-time analysis
  • List of retailers with customers that match consumer profiles of your trade area
  • Custom reports and marketing packages to inform retailers on your match list
  • Ongoing coaching and support to better understand location data
  • Visualize a trade area and build a true customer profile for an entire center


Founded: 2013

Location: New York

CrediFi is an analytics firm that helps a business harness the power of big data. The platform brings transparency to the financing of balance sheet and securitized loans that are backed by commercial real estate properties across the United States. They help real estate and finance professionals access important commercial real estate data to make more informed, strategic decisions. 

Key Features

  • Quickly identify business development opportunities based on specific deal criteria
  • Analyze a bank’s CRE portfolio and monitor changes in lending activity
  • Develop YOY lending trend analysis (by region, market, property type, etc.)
  • Better understand the competitive landscape relative to competitor origination activity
  • Uncover new sponsors in the area and monitor their financing activity


Founded: 2013

Location: New York

Reonomy is a platform that empowers brokers and lenders to locate hidden risks and opportunities instantly. They cover all enterprise real estate asset classes including retail, offices, industrial, and multi family residential or MFR. The software collects and organizes real estate data to make it easier for lenders and investors to conduct fast analysis, in just a matter of seconds. To date, Reonomy has raised over $23 million in funding.

Key Features

  • Property intelligence backed by unmatched AI technology to enrich your database
  • Access sales and debt data for derivative analysis and potential opportunities
  • Create new records or update old ones with ownership portfolio data
  • Receive customized Reonomy feeds of data to answer key questions about CRE
  • Identify all locations for subject tenants or industries across the United States


Founded: 2018

Location: San Ramon, CA

TopHap is one of the first companies to offer AI-powered data analytics to optimize realtor performance. Uncover valuable real estate insights with an investor-grade data analytics comparison engine. This enables a business to see diverging microtrends, compare regions, and evaluate changes to commercial real estate properties and markets. The targeted search criteria even helps identify real estate properties that aren’t currently for sale.

Key Features

  • Powerful analytics with map layers to uncover insights on neighborhoods and regions
  • Examine lot usability, elevation, and topography without the need to visit the site
  • Quickly search for all properties that are for sale, pending, sold, or rental in CA
  • Reveal full property improvement potential by adjusting square footage and room count
  • Branded self-service portal to grow your network and send instant notifications

Additional Real Estate Analytics Companies to Check Out:

In Conclusion

Real estate analytics is the key to competition in modern real estate. The companies on this list are just the tip of the iceberg for analyzing real estate data. 

When it comes to investigating locations, people are turning to the screen rather than the car. This time-saving advantage can really mean the difference between “Not for Sale” and “Sold”.


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