The Top 10 Cities for Frequent Shoppers

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If you're a retailer, marketer, or a market researcher, understanding where shopping thrives is invaluable. We examined Unacast foot traffic and consumer personas in some of the largest U.S. cities to give you a breakdown of the top cities for frequent shoppers. 

In this analysis, we'll spotlight the top 10 cities for shopping lovers — those with the highest number of residents categorized in the “frequent shopper” persona. 

The Top 10 Cities for Frequent Shoppers in 2024

1. Phoenix, Arizona - Land of the Seasoned Spenders

Top cities for frequent shoppers

Phoenix, a sprawling metropolis set against a breathtaking desert backdrop, is no stranger to retail therapy. With a year-round climate that beckons outdoor enthusiasts and a burgeoning culinary scene that tempts the palate, Phoenix is a beacon for those who seek the finer things in life. The city's shopping landscape ranges from high-end boutiques to the charming shops along Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix, catering to a diverse range of tastes and budgets. The ease of movement within the city and the abundance of malls and shopping districts always keep the cash registers chiming.

With 41 percent of residents falling into the “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers” persona, Phoenix is the number one city for shopping lovers.

2. Fort Worth, Texas - Where Western Traditions and Modern Shopping Mix

Fort Worth, with its rich cowboy heritage, seamlessly blends the old with the new. The city's dynamic shopping culture reflects this, from The Shops at Clearfork, a high-end shopping destination featuring luxury retailers and upscale dining, to the bustling Stockyards, where visitors can take a step back in time and shop for authentic Western gear. Frequent shoppers in Fort Worth love the city's dedication to style and history, often leaving with more than just a purchase – they leave with a story.

With 39 percent of residents falling into the “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers” persona, Fort Worth is the second-best city for shopping lovers.

3. San Diego, California - The Golden State's Retail Playground

San Diego's allure extends far beyond its sun-kissed beaches and laid-back lifestyle. The city's shopping scene is a fabulous fusion of the coastal chic and urban cool. From the quirky boutiques and artisan markets of neighborhoods like North Park and Little Italy to the high-end fashion houses in La Jolla, San Diego is a paradise for the fashion-forward and the trendsetter. The city's year-round pleasant weather only adds to the shopping appeal, with open-air malls and sunset-studded shopping trips being a common scene.

With 37 percent of residents categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers,” San Diego falls in third place for the best city for shoppers. 

4. Nashville, Tennessee - Music City's Harmonious Shopping Experience

Nashville, with 37 percent of devices categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers,” is tied for third place with San Diego as a top shopping destination. Nashville has struck a chord with its vibrant shopping environment, attracting not only music lovers but also those with an eye for style. The city's shopping districts are as diverse as its music, with the historic and trendy 12th South and the upscale Green Hills offering unique experiences for window shoppers and serious spenders alike. Music-themed boutiques and galleries further tie the shopping scene to the heart of what Nashville stands for, making for a memorable retail experience.

5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A Shopping Mecca in the Heartland

Oklahoma City might be one of the heartland’s best-kept secrets when it comes to shopping, but it's a secret worth sharing. With 36 percent of residents in Oklahoma City categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers,” the city has opportunities for consumers of all kinds. Bricktown and the Plaza District are vibrant hubs teeming with local and national retailers, serving up a mix of art, culture, and charm. In addition to these lively districts, deeper in the city, you'll find shopping that caters to every need, from the shopper looking for the latest trends to those seeking timeless pieces. The community's strong sense of support for local businesses and artisans keeps OKC on the map for shoppers eager to discover new finds.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada - More Than Just the Strip

top cities for shopping lovers

Las Vegas is renowned globally for its opulence and entertainment, and its shopping scene is no exception. The city's iconic Strip is lined with high-end malls and boutiques, the exemplars of luxury in a city that knows no bounds. Beyond the tourist traps, locals and those in the know enjoy the diverse range of shopping that Las Vegas offers. From the sprawling Fashion Show Mall on the Strip to the vintage and eclectic offerings of the Arts District, there's always something in Vegas ready to be gambled on. It’s likely no surprise that 36 percent of residents in Las Vegas are categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers.”

7. Charlotte, North Carolina - A Southern Town with Modern Shopping Sensibilities

Charlotte, a city that beautifully balances its quintessentially Southern charm with a progressive edge, has a shopping ecosystem that reflects just that. The SouthPark Mall anchors the city's retail by providing an array of high fashion and dining, while neighborhoods like NoDa and South End offer a more eclectic and local selection. Always at the forefront of what's new and now, Charlotte residents take pride in their ability to curate a shopping experience that blends traditional good taste with contemporary sensibilities. Charlotte devices are categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers” 35 percent of the time.

8. Dallas, Texas - Big Shopping in the Heart of Texas

Dallas, a brash and sophisticated city, is no stranger to the power of spending. From the designer shops in Highland Park Village to the exclusive luxury retailers of NorthPark Center, Dallas caters to the elite shopper. When it comes to shopping in Dallas, big names and big purchases are par for the course. The city's retail market offers shopping experiences that cater to its residents, with 35 percent of Dallas devices categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers.” 

9. Miami, Floria - The Magic City's Allure Extends to Its Stores

top cities for shopping

Miami's multicultural identity and international appeal are just as vibrant in its shopping as its celebrated nightlife and beaches. The city's retail centers, like the Aventura Mall and the Design District, draw visitors from around the world with their unparalleled selections of luxury brands and unique finds. With a fashion scene that takes cues from its Latin American roots and a climate that encourages style all year long, Miami is a city where the term "shop 'til you drop" takes on new meaning. Miami residents are categorized as “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers” 35 percent of the time.

10. Jacksonville, Florida - The Sunshine State's Hidden Shopping Gem

Jacksonville might be one of Florida's best-kept shopping secrets, but it's rapidly gaining a reputation among passionate shoppers. The St. Johns Town Center, a well-known shopping destination, offers a mix of upscale brands and casual dining, while historic Five Points provides a more bohemian, local shopping experience. Its sprawling expanse gives Jacksonville a unique edge, allowing for a diverse and extensive shopping scene that captures the essence of Florida's east coast urban life. With 34 percent of residents falling into the “Mall Lovers and Frequent Shoppers” persona, Jacksonville rounds out our top 10 list of cities for shopping lovers.

When it comes to the cities where shopping is more than just an errand but a way of life, these ten destinations stand out for their unique offerings and the community's love for retail indulgence. Each of these metropolises provides not just products for purchase, but an experience, a sentiment, and a slice of local culture that makes shopping a veritable adventure.


Location data, collected by GPS-enabled consumer mobile devices, lets us understand how people move about the real world. By overlaying this data with information about physical places – stores, restaurants, libraries, as well as events – we can determine the types of places and events a mobile device visits. By understanding these visit patterns over time, we can infer a lot about the interests, lifestyle, and life stage of a device’s owner. A device that regularly visits places like baseball stadiums, sporting events, and sports bars will likely belong to a ‘Sports Fan’, for example, while another device observed at wineries and wine-related events may belong to a ‘Wine Lover’. These Personas describe the behavioral characteristics of a device, or a group of devices, and can be used for advertising audiences, data enrichment, and much more.

In this analysis, we examined the behavioral characteristics, or Personas, of devices belonging to people residing in some of the U.S.’s largest cities. We started by identifying devices with a probable home location in one of these cities and examining the Personas assigned to each. We then calculated the percentage of devices in each city fitting each Persona. Finally, we compared the percentages across cities to rank each city by the prevalence of each Persona. The result provides an intriguing picture of local and national behavioral trends. Check out the full City Foot Traffic Dashboard for more in-depth insights. 

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