The Top 10 Cities for Pet Lovers

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If you're a retailer, advertiser, or a market researcher, understanding where pet lovers live could be extremely valuable for your business — it can help you understand, cater to, and capitalize on the passionate pet loving persona. We analyzed Unacast foot traffic and consumer personas in some of the largest U.S. cities to give you a breakdown of the top cities for pet lovers.

In this analysis, we'll spotlight the top 10 cities for pet lovers — those with the highest number of residents categorized in the “pet lover” persona — to show where pet lovers thrive, and where businesses can tap into a growing market.

The Top 10 Cities for Pet Lovers in 2024

1. Chicago, Illinois: Dog-Friendly City Strolls

Top cities for pet lovers

Chicago is renowned for its dog-friendly lifestyle, boasting a myriad of off-leash parks and dog beaches. The Windy City's pet lover population is not only the most substantial, with 13 percent of residents categorized as “pet lovers,” but also a demographic with strong community engagement. Marketers have a rich array of opportunities to tap into this market, from casual pet events to more structured pet shows and workshops. Dog-walking services and pet-friendly eateries are also a hit here, making it an ideal hotspot for the canine community.

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Community for All Creatures

In the heartland of the United States, Oklahoma City stands out as more than just a pet lover's paradise—it's a place of community and care. With a lower cost of living, pet owners here are more likely to invest in their pet's well-being with a range of organic and holistic products. Retailers should be attuned to this trend, emphasizing quality and community involvement in their marketing strategies. Eight percent of residents’ devices in Oklahoma City were classified as “pet lovers.”

3. Denver, Colorado: Where Outdoor Adventures Await

For those who seek an active lifestyle with their pets, Denver is a hotspot. The mile-high city offers pet owners access to an array of outdoor adventures, from mountain hikes to dog-friendly ski resorts. Consequently, Denver's pet lovers are among the most health-conscious and are drawn to businesses that support their active lifestyles. Offering durable and functional pet gear alongside wellness packages can greatly resonate with this outdoorsy demographic. With 8 percent of Denver residents considered “pet lovers,” the city ties with both Oklahoma City and Seattle for second place on our list.

4. Seattle, Washington: The Sustainability Savvy Pet Lovers

best cities for pet lovers

Seattle's pet-loving residents are not only dedicated to their pets but are also highly conscientious about the planet. Sustainable pet products and eco-friendly services are not just a niche preference, but a growing market in this city, where pet owners are willing to partake in educational workshops and events. Businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship can foster a loyal customer base in the Emerald City. Seattle devices were designated as “pet lovers,” 8 percent of the time.

5. Phoenix, Arizona: The Sanctuary for Snowbirds and Pet Lovers

Phoenix's pet-loving community has unique needs stemming from its large population of 'snowbirds'—seasonal residents who flock to the city to escape colder climates. Catering to their penchant for travel, retailers should focus on portable, versatile, and climate-appropriate pet commodities. Additionally, pet care services that offer flexible contracts and support for pet-sitting and boarding are in high demand. With 7 percent of residents’ devices categorized as “pet lovers,” Phoenix rounds out our top 5 cities for pet lovers.

6. Miami, Florida: Where Luxury Meets Leisure

The Magic City is a playground for pet lovers who enjoy a touch of luxury. In Miami, pet care is not only about the health and happiness of their pets but is often an indicator of lifestyle and status. Retailers should curate luxury pet items, organic pet spas, and unique accessories to attract this segment. Pet events that cater to status conscious consumers can also make a splash in the Miami market. Miami residents were categorized with the “pet lovers” persona 7 percent of the time.  

7. Charlotte, North Carolina: The Emerging Leaders of the Pack

With 7 percent of residents classified as “pet lovers,” Charlotte's pet lover population is not just significant—it's burgeoning. This presents a prime opportunity for businesses to establish themselves as leaders in the local pet industry. With a mix of traditional pet values and a growing interest in pet tech, marketers here need to be innovative and forward-thinking. Incorporating convenient smart-home pet products and technologies could set brands apart in this developing market. 

8. San Diego, California: The Year-Round Wellness Haven

San Diego's pet-loving community enjoys a unique advantage—the moderate climate allows for outdoor activities around the calendar. Brands can tap into this wellness culture by promoting year-round health regimes and outdoor adventures. Wellness products, organic pet food, and pet services that cater to the city's active pet owners are in a strong position to thrive. San Diego residents were classified with the “pet lovers” persona 7 percent of the time.

9. Nashville, Tennessee: The Melting Pot of Pet Interests

Nashville's pet lovers encompass a diverse range of interests and values. This includes a strong pet rescue and adoption community, as well as a burgeoning interest in pet culture and fashion. There's an opportunity for marketers to create campaigns that celebrate the uniqueness of pet ownership, including local pet fashion shows and social media campaigns that highlight individuality. Nashville residents’ devices were categorized as “pet lovers” 6 percent of the time.

10. Columbus, Ohio: The Tech-Savvy Petropolis

best cities for pet lovers

Columbus stands out for its tech-savvy pet owners, who are eager to incorporate the latest innovations into their pets' lives. The market here is hungry for high-tech pet products that offer convenience and an enhanced pet-human bond, such as GPS tracking devices, pet cameras, and robotic toys. Businesses that harness the power of technology to create products and services that enrich the pet experience will find a receptive audience in Columbus. Columbus rounds out our top 10 list with 6 percent of devices designated with the “pet lovers” persona.

Understanding the nuanced preferences and lifestyles of pet lovers in different cities is crucial for businesses looking to succeed in the pet industry. By tailoring offerings to the local culture, retailers, marketers, and advertisers can forge strong connections with pet-loving consumers and contribute to the thriving pet communities that make these cities stand out. 


Location data, collected by GPS-enabled consumer mobile devices, lets us understand how people move about the real world. By overlaying this data with information about physical places – stores, restaurants, libraries, as well as events – we can determine the types of places and events a mobile device visits. By understanding these visit patterns over time, we can infer a lot about the interests, lifestyle, and life stage of a device’s owner. A device that regularly visits places like baseball stadiums, sporting events, and sports bars will likely belong to a ‘Sports Fan’, for example, while another device observed at wineries and wine-related events may belong to a ‘Wine Lover’. These Personas describe the behavioral characteristics of a device, or a group of devices, and can be used for advertising audiences, data enrichment, and much more.

In this analysis, we examined the behavioral characteristics, or Personas, of devices belonging to people residing in some of the U.S.’s largest cities. We started by identifying devices with a probable home location in one of these cities and examining the Personas assigned to each. We then calculated the percentage of devices in each city fitting each Persona. Finally, we compared the percentages across cities to rank each city by the prevalence of each Persona. The result provides an intriguing picture of local and national behavioral trends. Check out the full City Foot Traffic Dashboard for more in-depth insights. 

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