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As we wrap up a very busy year for the Unacast team, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of the amazing things that have happened.

The location data space has seen vast changes over the last few years, so Unacast has had to remain agile to keep up. Big and exciting changes have come to Unacast this year, from innovative new products to the recently announced merger with Gravy Analytics. 

Let’s take a moment to look back at the highlights of 2023

1. Machine learning powered datasets

Unacast brought a new methodology to our ever popular Visitation Data. This new approach was different because instead of data relying solely on aggregated GPS data, they use both a GPS data aggregation model and a machine learning model to determine location visitation statistics and insights. This allows machine learning powered datasets to remain stable even when the global supply of GPS location data doesn’t. 

2. Unacast Insights, a location intelligence software

For years, Unacast clients have asked for additional tooling to shorten the time and effort required to see value from data. Unacast delivered in 2023 by turning our best-in-class data into software. Unacast Insights, analyzes and visualizes data, making the path to smarter decisions easier and faster. 

3. Generative AI summaries

Unacast introduced Gen AI to the Insights platform, which combined our data with the power of learnings from the web to summarize visitation trends to a venue. These summaries create instant explanations of data and reshape the way clients analyze, describe, and visualize specific data sets.

4. Compare venues and custom locations

The team here at Unacast has worked hard to continuously bring powerful new features and useability updates to the Insights platform. One improvement was the ability to compare venues, making it possible to closely monitor and benchmark your foot traffic against any store or brand, whether it’s yours or a competitor. The next big improvement gave users the capability to create custom locations within Insights. Customers pick the areas and receive instantly digestible data stories.

5. Machine learning methodology applies to more

Unacast’s popular machine learning methodology was extended to apply to even more of our best-in-class data. Machine learning now powered the exploration of millions of POIs, neighborhoods, and census block groups (CBGs), along with trade areas, demographics, and custom locations. This meant that cleaner location data was more accessible than ever.  

6. Merging with Gravy Analytics

2023 ends with a bang as Gravy Analytics and Unacast merge. Gravy’s prowess in contextual analytics aligns perfectly with Unacast’s strength in detailed location data and insights. We are better together and now offer a complete customer solution: a full suite of best-in-class data and analytics products to meet the customer anywhere on their data intelligence journey to fulfill our shared mission.

2023 has been an incredible journey and we are looking forward to all of the changes that 2024 brings. We are sure to get one step closer to a future where precise and verified human mobility data helps organizations do well and do good. 

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