Location Data Processing

Harness the power of your geotagged data with Unacast's location data processing platform, Turbine. Turn raw telco data into valuable, privacy-friendly, human mobility insights at scale.

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Problems we solve for Telcos

Unacast enables telco clients to turn their raw data into human mobility insights, without the data ever leaving their domain.


What Telcos Can Do With Mobility Insights

Our Methodology

How we turn geotagged data into mobility insights

Our data processing platform was built with a privacy-first mindset to help telcos put their vast trove of geotagged data to use.

Turbine Engine

Turbine Engine is a high-performance event processing and analytics engine that transforms raw geotagged data into mobility insights, all without leaving the telco’s domain. Using proprietary algorithms and machine-learning models, the Turbine Engine intelligently groups movements to understand commuting patterns, use of transportation infrastructure, and travel routes.

Data Hub

Data Hub is the backbone that structures and stores the data and makes it available via APIs to power applications to be built on top. Built for performance and scale, this robust data storage layer seamlessly adapts to handle increased demand as your customer base grows.

Visualization Layer

The Visualization Layer includes a usability layer and visualizations that allow non-data savvy customers of Telcos to interact with mobility insights. Quickly and easily uncover key trends, patterns, and metrics, and use these insights to make informed decisions that drive impactful changes within your organization.

Customer Use Cases for Mobility Data

What Telcos and partners say about us

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With Unacast now on GCP Marketplace, it will be even easier for our customers to utilize Unacast Technology. With our strong partnership, we look forward to unlocking new monetization opportunities for our joint customers.

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Vivek Gupta
Global Telecom Industry solutions
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Our collaboration with Unacast has allowed us to provide an innovative end-to-end solution for telcos to generate new revenue streams by leveraging mobility insights

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Ilya Samokhin
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This partnership is Innovation at its finest, with Telia’s data, industrial knowledge, and market presence being married with the cutting-edge technology from Unacast, propelling us both forward.

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Kristofer Ågren
Telia Company
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BT Group has for some time been using aggregated and anonymised mobile data to uncover mobility insights in the UK and have seen healthy industry growth in the last few years. We are now looking towards significant growth in this area...

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Chris Withers
BT Group

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