Migration Patterns Data

Make better decisions by understanding population movements and the impact they have on local communities.

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How customers use Migration Patterns data

Identify potential commercial hubs

Make prompt investment decisions by observing which areas are experiencing an increase in population and/or income levels.

Pinpoint areas with depleting populations

By identifying areas with greater outflows, find out which regions are more susceptible to an economic downturn and divest or increase investments accordingly.

Enhance demand forecasting

Leverage an understanding of population shifts to better predict demand across both existing and potential new markets.

Understand regional differences in behavior

By looking at the rate of moves for different areas, understand the differences in behavioral responses to nationwide events across rural, urban and suburban areas.

Migration Data Visualization


What you can get through the Migration Patterns dataset.


Unacast data has been verified against third-party sources, with results proving our industry-leading accuracy.


Unacast offers enhanced granularity starting at the U.S. Census tract level, allowing for deeper, more localized insights.


Offering robust, reliable models, this dataset is optimized to remain consistent across geographies – even with supply fluctuations. Our stratified panel approach ensures that a representative market share is captured nationwide, minimizing potential biases and fluctuations within our device coverage while closely reflecting real-world trends.

Updated Monthly

With monthly updates, you can expect to make decisions based only on the most recently available data.

Transparently Sourced

All parties benefit from transparency in data science and location data. Therefore, we strive to be open with the methodology behind our data and ensure that our users fully understand how best to leverage each of our datasets.

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