Data Feeds

Unacast offers high-quality data feeds with dense location data for multiple markets globally.

If your team is looking to build your own human mobility insights and models, we provide the ingredients. Our high-quality location data and points of interest are ready to be ingested for your use cases.

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Our rigorous data vetting provides the most trustworthy data in the market.

Different Levels of Processing

Processing and contextualizing location data is challenging — Unacast’s expertise makes it easy to ingest actionable data sets.

Map Pure Feed

Pure Feed

Our stream of GPS pings is collected from our sources, standardized, and purged of overlapping and fraudulent data.

Map Activity Feed: Clustering

Activity Feed: Clustering

Using the GPS pings from our Pure Feed, the Unacast data engine clusters them into events that indicate human activity, such as dwell and travel events.

Map Activity Feed: Contextualization

Activity Feed: Contextualization

Our proprietary algorithms contextualize events by placing them in certain locations using one or more maps.

Global Coverage

Because we maintain robust global data coverage, Unacast is committed to universal privacy and quality standards that makes our data trustworthy all over the world.

Unacast Global Coverage

Privacy is not the finish line — it’s the starting point.

Clients rely on our relentless pursuit of quality and data-science-based approach for an accurate picture of real-world events, tailored to their needs.

  • Quality location data from more than 127 million monthly active users in the US

  • We have robust coverage that reaches five continents for global clients

  • All data is rigorously vetted for quality and privacy compliance

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