You already own the data. We'll help you safely monetise it.

Turn raw location data into valuable, privacy friendly, human mobility insights, at scale. Meet Unacast's location processing platform - Turbine.

  • Never export any data outside your domain
  • Currently serving clients in Europe, Africa and LatAm
  • Ingesting 65+ Million devices daily
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What is Unacast Turbine?

Our technology enables clients to harness the power of their own location data via the Unacast Turbine location processing platform.

Measure human activity + journeys

By configuring map layers to meet your specific needs, you can determine home and work locations, visitor origins and destinations as well as the waypoints in between.

Keep proprietary data in-house

Extract value from your data sets without having to release it into an unrestricted environment. Our safeguards keep your data safe and prevent potential violations of privacy regulations.

Innovate faster than ever in the cloud

Accelerate beyond your internal capabilities and quickly iterate on new functionality while managing complex factors like extrapolation, composition, noise, and identity screening — all in a safe cloud environment controlled by you.

Why should Telcos turn their network data into insights and how can Unacast help

3 steps towards data monetization for telcos

2 ways telcos can productize and monetize

Why should Telcos turn their network data into insights

How is Turbine privacy compliant?

What is Turbine and how does Turbine work?

Location Processing Platform

We make it easy to get started

We understand that this is something that will require huge investments from your side, so we have built a business model that is cheap and “risk-free” to get started with.

02. Free Test

Free data sample test (we can work wit hanything you give us)

03. Proof of Concept

Cheap and risk-free. Focus on a commercial use case. We build it for you, process and deliver a product, and measure results – 3 months

04. Commercial Phase

Tailored to your needs.

Data Sources: Inclusive + Agnostic

By unlocking previously unusable data, our solution has already been shown to improve energy efficiency by 30% while boosting revenue by over 50% for Smart City Product & Services Providers.

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We make it easy to get started

In order to make it easy to get started, we have built a business model that is cheap and risk-free for you.

Book a meeting or contact us at TalkToUs@unacast.com and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

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    Schedule an appointment - book a meeting now in the calendar right here.

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    Free data sample test (we can work with anything you give us).

  • 3

    Proof of Concept (cheap and risk-free). Focus on a commercial use case, we build it for you. process and deliver a product and measure results – 3 months

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    Commercial phase (tailored to your needs)