Unacast Turbine

Turn raw location data to valuable, privacy friendly, human mobility insights, at scale. Meet Unacast’s location processing platform - Turbine.

A disruptive Platform-as-a-Service utilizing anonymized data signals to empower location analytics and deliver incremental revenue.

What is Unacast Turbine?

Our technology enables clients to harness the power of their own location data via the Unacast Turbine.

Measure human activity + journeys

By configuring map layers to meet your specific needs, users can determine home and work locations, visitor origins and destinations as well as the waypoints in between.

Keep proprietary data in-house

Extract value from your data sets without having to release it into an unrestricted environment. Our safeguards keep your data safe and prevent potential violations of privacy regulations.

Innovate faster than ever in the cloud

Accelerate beyond your internal capabilities and quickly iterate on new functionality while managing complex factors like extrapolation, composition, noise, and identity screening — all in a safe cloud environment controlled by you.

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Location Processing Platform

Who is Unacast Turbine for?

Companies within telecom, transportation, smart cities, last-mile delivery, analytics, and other industries are sitting on large, dormant location data sets without the capabilities to turn them into actionable insights.

The Unacast Turbine helps organizations overcome:

Black box solutions

Because of monolithic internal solutions or opaque external vendors, clients are often locked out of understanding the underlying processes.

Slow processes

Heavy-handed systems and protocols can lead to unnecessary time spent on scoping and approvals. With Unacast Turbine, companies can easily redirect their resources to grow market potential, keep pace with constant real-world changes, and turn raw location data into insights in just hours.

Unfulfilled potential

Due to the complexity in raw data signals and the combination of multiple signals (such as mobile-tower, GPS, and Wi-Fi), results are often not meeting full potential. Unacast’s powerful processing engine ensures that no revenue is inadvertently left on the table due to poor quality in output.

Data Sources: Inclusive + Agnostic

By unlocking previously unusable data, our solution has already been shown to improve energy efficiency by 30% while boosting revenue by over 50% for Smart City Product & Services Providers

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Platform Features

Cutting edge and award-winning cloud-based technology built on a proven global platform

Managed Exports

Harness your location signals to create human mobility insights that benefit both your company and your customers.

Easy Augmentation

Create contextual versions of all third-party data aggregations: transit, demographics, weather, truth sets and much more.

Live Benchmarking

Continuously check against and adjust to real-world events using live and true data and models built for iteration.

Data-First Design

Comprehensively monitor events and get alerts via an interface optimized for data scientists and analysts.

Robust Framework

Utilize a statistics-based approach, yielding smart rounding with deliberate noise and confidence intervals.

Maximum Flexibility

Configurable on all dimensions, such as geography, use case, time of day, day of week, and more.

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