Financial Services

Alternative Data for Private Equity, and Hedge Funds

Our clients use human mobility data to improve their properties and portfolios. Unacast provides the critical insights that help you zero in on the properties that meet your financial, tenant, and branding needs.

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Model consumer behavior and forecast future financial performance

Conduct trade area analyses for new investment opportunities

Evaluate and manage real estate asset portfolios


Assess sector and competitor performance

Build more specific risk assessments using property-level insights

Pinpoint migration patterns and respective impact on retail, real estate, etc.

Use Cases for Financial Services

Explore the ways you and your team can leverage our data to address strategic business challenges

Our Data

Get foot traffic data for any city, state, or point of interest with detailed insights on population movements, migration trends, shifts in demographics, and more. You can learn more about our methodologies and view our frequently asked questions.

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