Mobility Data for Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Harness Alternative Data and Create Deeper Insights

Human mobility datasets empower our financial services clients, especially PEs, VCs, and Hedge Funds, to make better-informed decisions on both new investments as well as their existing properties and portfolios.

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Insightful Investment Datasets Beat Guesswork

Good decisions are based on insights gleaned from data. But outside of quantitative analyses, huge amounts of raw data are often indecipherable. Our insightful datasets help you make sense of it all and enable you to:

Optimize investment portfolios

Identify emerging hot spots for future investments with mobility data and demographics.

Illustration - Rooted in data science
Illustration - Rooted in data science

Forecast future performance

Build more accurate consumer behavior models and forecast future demand with foot traffic and cross-visitation data.

Mitigate risk

Monitor demographic shifts and migration trends and plan for their impact to your current investment portfolio.

Illustration - Rooted in data science

The Edge Your Investment Strategy Needs

Develop unique insights from foot traffic data to fuel your investment and management decisions.

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Location Data for Financial Analysis

Traditional investment analyses and forecasts typically lack the incorporation of real-world behavior. By leveraging objective foot traffic data and mobility patterns, you can build insights to help you properly identify investment opportunities, thoroughly evaluate performance of your current portfolio, and better predict future demand.

Utilize mobility data to:

Enhance your alternative datasets

Identify opportunities for investment

Build consumer behavior models that more accurately forecast future trends

Identify new investment opportunities and inform decisions about current assets

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Transaction Data vs Mobility Data

When available, credit card transaction data gives clear insight into consumer behavior. However, there are times when mobility data is not only preferable, but may be the only data available. For instance, at events, casinos, or certain venues or vacation spots, Transaction data is also not available for non-retail locations like tourist centers, factories, farms, or ports. Mobility data can be a leading indicator for transaction data, and is therefore an important input for models.

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Invest With Confidence

Build better models and more accurately forecast with human mobility data.

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Our Data

No matter the city, state, or point of interest — we deliver detailed insights on population movements, migration trends, shifts in demographics, and more. These datasets deliver actionable insights that enable you to make better-informed decisions. Learn more about our research methodologies.

Customer Testimonials

Ingrid Gonzale

Ingrid Gonzale

Director of Sales

Unacast is an amazing GCP partner. They are using data to do innovative things ranging from tracking COVID-19 to predicting what location is the best for a new retail store. This is a huge step for our partnership and it will be a game changer!

Jeff Bank

Jeff Bank

VP, Strategic Alliance

Our strategic partnership with Unacast marries the expertise and data assets of Precisely and Unacast to deliver innovative and highly valued dynamic demographics data to our customers. We trust that our partnership with Unacast will continue to grow into the future.

Chris Withers

Chris Withers

Director of Data and Artificial Intelligence

BT has chosen to partner with Unacast because of the company’s proven track record … We look forward to becoming the market leader within data monetization for the UK market, and our partnership with Unacast is essential to that growth strategy.

Jay Panchal Headshot

Jay Panchal


We chose Unacast after evaluating all of the major players because they have the best end product for firms that don't want to deal with a mess of raw mobility data. Everything is pre-canned and ready-to go making it clean and easy to use for the insights we need.

Craig Szklany Headshot

Craig Szklany

VP, Global Solutions

Our collaboration with Unacast is more important than ever because it takes data integration to the next level to account for evolving shopping habits and provide retailers the necessary insights to adjust operations and customer engagement accordingly

Jay Panchal Headshot

Jay Panchal


Unacast is by far the most flexible and adaptable location data provider. They have great coverage geographically, they're adjusting to the market needs in a fast and strategic way, and their teams are transparent and helpful throughout the entire process.

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