Reach consumers wherever they are with human mobility data.

Unacast delivers critical insights to leading brands in order to identify macro trends, quantify the true impact of marketing activities and identify areas of opportunity for growth.

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What kind of data works for you?

Our human mobility data is structured to your specific use cases

Pure Data Feed

A good fit if you’re a sophisticated platform with the internal capabilities to attach your own maps and POI, or to analyze and extract value from GPS data in a raw form.


Activity Data Feed

A good fit if you prefer to work with a human mobility dataset — both GPS and map data — that has been processed and thoroughly vetted on accuracy.


Curated Data

Harness Unacast’s Business Strategy capabilities to create custom Human Mobility Insights for a variety of use cases.


Raw + Lightly Filtered

Pure Data Feed

Our stream of GPS pings is aggregated from our sources, standardized, and purged of overlapping and fraudulent data.

  • Device ID
  • Device Type
  • Latitude + Longitude
  • Timestamp
  • Horisontal Accuracy
  • and more
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Fully transparent sourcing + ingestion

Unacast gathers aggregated GPS data from smartphones and mobile apps, with opt-in consent from users. All data is privacy compliant in the markets in which we operate, and used for good.

Light filtering + standardization

In addition to filtering out invalid data, we standardize the nomenclatures of all providers to allow for seamless useability.

The highest standard of privacy

Every single human who uses a device that produces Unacast data has proactively consented to its use. Not only are we GDPR compliant, we are currently gearing up for California’s Consumer Protection Act.

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Activity Data Feed


Using the GPS pings from our pool, the Unacast data engine clusters them into events that indicate human activity.

Dwell Events

A dwell is a set of GPS pings seen within 80 meters of each other within a 8 minute to 4 hour time period.

Travel Events

A travel event is a set of GPS pings seen less than 10 minutes apart, and distance between the first and last ping in the set is more than 100 meters.

Home + Work

These dwells are repeatedly seen over 28 days and align with typical work & non-work hours. The location of the dwells are obfuscated to protect privacy.

Activity Data Feed


Our Digital Atlas includes more than 1 million places of interest with over 90% coverage for the top 4,500 retail brands.

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Venues + Places of Interest

Our Digital Atlas includes more than 5 million places of interest, including over 90% coverage on the top 4,500 retail brands.

Individual Property Boundaries

Our polygon set optimizes accuracy in determining visits. We also incorporate data from publicly-available municipal maps, from census blocks groups to cities to states.

Bring Your Own POI

Clients can contextualize Unacast Dwell Events in their POI databases in order to determine visits to commercial venues.

Curated Data

Harness Unacast’s Business Strategy capabilities to create custom Human Mobility Insights for a variety of use cases.

Client Success Stories

What our clients are saying

"Unacast's data has allowed us to bring greater value and deeper insights to our Real Estate, Retail, and Consulting clients for their Site Planning and Monitoring needs."
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Flo Broderick
VP of Marketing, Carto
"Unacast offers S4M effective, flexible, and fully-customized location data solutions. Their team always thinks outside the box."
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Lauren Bigland
VP of Brand Strategy & Communications, S4M
"Providing Unacast data alongside other data streams such as transactions, weather, or demographics has been a game changer for our client in unlocking new insights."
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Javier Pérez Trufero
Head of Data, Carto
"Not only is the quality of their product best in class, the responsiveness of their experienced team makes them great to work with."
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Peter Pupello, Marketing
Public Relations Manager, Triad

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