Viva Las Vegas: Consumer Behavior in the City that Never Sleeps

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Under the vibrant city lights of Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps, a captivating tale of consumer behavior unfolds one step at a time. Every chime of a slot machine, each dazzling show, and every extraordinary meal is a unique thread in the tapestry that is Las Vegas—a city that beckons with promises of good luck and even better payouts. Analytics derived from foot traffic data provide critical insight into consumer behavior for the retailers, marketers, and city planners who influence both the economics and urban development of Sin City and beyond.

The Unique Consumer Trends of Las Vegas

Las Vegas sees more hotel visits than any other city in the country. Twenty-three percent of visits are accounted for by hotels in Las Vegas, compared to an average 6% in other large U.S. cities. This fact underscores the city's unique position as a global hospitality and entertainment hub. This phenomenon can also be attributed to the strategic design of Las Vegas hotels, which often encapsulate much more than lodging. The largest Las Vegas hotels offer a cornucopia of entertainment, dining, shopping, and gaming options, all under one roof.

This is very different than in other cities, where hotels primarily provide lodging, with entertainment and dining scattered elsewhere. Consequently, the visitor footprint in Las Vegas is heavily concentrated within its hotel properties. But while Las Vegas hotels are often the epicenter of visitor activity and entertainment, visits to nightlife-related venues are still among the highest in the country. Visits to bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife destinations account for 7% of visits. Despite being a relatively minor percentage of overall visits, this is the highest of any of the U.S. cities we examined.

A Global Destination with Local Foot Traffic Appeal

Average daily visits to establishments in the categories of accommodations and transportation, like hotels and airports, increase significantly on weekends, underscoring Las Vegas's reputation as a great weekend getaway. From world-class shows and concerts scheduled strategically on weekends to special weekend rates in hotels and resorts, these factors combine to attract a high volume of visitors seeking a temporary escape from the routine.

As you might expect, average daily visits to places in the categories of arts, nightlife, and restaurants also rise on weekends. But, despite Las Vegas' weekend popularity and far-flung appeal, visitors to the city travel just 11 miles on average. This modest distance suggests that many of the people who walk the city's avenues aren't world travelers or weekend warriors, but locals. Clearly, Las Vegas offers an abundance of dining and entertainment options that hold substantial appeal for its local residents, too.

Las Vegas Consumer Behavior Through Foot Traffic

With a plethora of high-end dining, shopping, and unparalleled entertainment options, Las Vegas is a particularly attractive city for consumers who enjoy music and concert events, a luxurious lifestyle, and, of course, nightlife. As such, it's not too surprising to see that 77% of all visits in the city of Las Vegas happen during the afternoon and evening hours. Just 18% of visits occur before noon, underscoring the city's reputation as an adult playground where late nights and sleeping in are much more the norm than an early-morning visit to the gym.

Those who enjoy the finer things in life will feel right at home in Las Vegas, with its world-class restaurants and high-end boutiques. Dining out (30% of visits) in Las Vegas is a culinary adventure, featuring an eclectic array of gourmet restaurants helmed by some of the world's most renowned chefs, turning each meal into an unforgettable experience. Las Vegas also caters to those with a penchant for premium shopping (8% of visits), offering an unparalleled array of luxury retail experiences that rival global fashion capitals.

For More City Foot Traffic Insights

Check out our City Foot Traffic Dashboard for more information about the consumer behavior in Las Vegas, as well as the foot traffic patterns of other top American cities. Using interactive maps and graphs, you can visually engage with the data and explore foot traffic data for 25 of America's greatest cities. For even more information, download A Tale of Five Cities, our latest report, and discover what makes each city special in the eyes of its residents. In it, we take a closer look at five of the country's most fascinating cities: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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