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Unacast has been recognized as one of HousingWire’s Top 100 Tech providers in the Real Estate Industry for our groundbreaking work in creating The Real World Graph® and the Unacast Report Studio

These tools provide crucial insights when making investment or underwriting decisions, especially for REITS, real estate developers & investors, mortgage & CRE lending firms, and others in the real estate space.  

In particular, the Unacast Report Studio opens the doors to Real Estate professionals interested in using human mobility data to improve their properties and portfolios — whether they’re looking to expand, move, or contract their business, Unacast helps uncover critical information that help zero in on the properties that meet their financial, tenant, and marketing needs.

The Report

The Unacast Report Studio shows the changes in visitor activity over a 24 hour period for a specific neighborhood.

The Unacast Report Studio was built to be the gateway for human mobility insights. Whether you’re new to location data or a seasoned pro, these reports allow users to analyze existing location data in an easy and affordable way. 

Reports for real estate professionals include information about visitor stratification (the fraction of visits from these four categories: workers, residents, tourists, others), traffic patterns, and hour-by-hour activity heat-maps at the census block group (CBG) level. These insights allow real estate professionals to explore neighborhoods, as well as census block group (CBG) level activities for the residential, business, or tourism categories. With this information, firms can get a deeper understanding of a neighborhood by identifying variables such as different types of CBGs and smaller areas that form a neighborhood, to gain insights about how population composition and visitation trends change over time. 

The HousingWire Award

The award was created by HousingWire to feature the innovative companies that are revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through their unique and innovative Property Technology (PropTech) solutions. The goal of the Tech100 program is to provide Real Estate professionals with a definitive list of the most innovative and impactful companies that can be leveraged to identify partners and solutions to the problems that mortgage lenders and real estate professionals face everyday. In response to the expanding solutions landscape and HousingWire’s diverse audience, this year the Tech100 program was divided into the HW Tech100 Mortgage and the HW Tech100 Real Estate.


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