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We all know that location intelligence is an incredible solution for not only getting to know your customers on a deeper level but also understanding upcoming trends. When you consider what this level of intelligence could do for your business when combined with other data tools, the results could be the very thing your brand needs to take your ecommerce strategy to the next level in 2024.

We’re going to explore how location intelligence can be amplified when combined with other types of data.

Predictive Analytics and Ecommerce Strategy

Predictive analytics is the use of datasets to determine future outcomes and can be used to either optimize on successful past events or avoid repeating a mistake. This is valuable because predictive analytics can take  the guesswork out of getting certain things right. When predictive analytics is used in conjunction with location intelligence, you’ve got a powerhouse couple on your hands.

For example, location intelligence can give your brand insights into who your customers are and what trends they want to see, but with the right predictive analytics tool, you can see exactly how a certain action is going to affect a certain audience, and even help you increase your conversion rate by getting it right the first time. For ecommerce brands, this may look like identifying your target audience for a new launch with your location intelligence solution, and understanding how they are going to respond to your marketing efforts and whether or not they will convert by using predictive analytics.

Location Intelligence and Testing Tools

A great testing platform is an integral part of any marketer’s arsenal. Testing tools allow marketers to see what version of their campaign or ads are doing the best so that they can amplify the better one for optimal conversions. The problem with testing tools is that they don’t allow you to see who your audience is. They can give you great insights and data, but what if we could level this up a couple of notches?

Testing tools and location intelligence are a match made in marketing heaven. Imagine that you are an ecommerce brand that sells rare plants and gardening supplies. You’ve been sending out your fair share of ads and marketing emails, and have tested the data but you don’t know who is converting and how to target them. Enter location intelligence. With this solution, you can gain insights into your exact target market, their shopping habits, where they come from, and more. Add the testing tool, and now your gardening and rare plants brand can specifically reach only your custom audience and test how those campaigns are doing with the people who would want to see them the most.

Customer Experience Analytics

As a brand in 2024, a bad review can be especially harmful if the problem isn’t resolved right away and in the best way possible. Customer experience analytics gives brands insight into areas where they can do better by their customers and things that simply aren’t working out. What if you could solve the problem before it even happens by understanding your audience to such a degree that you could predict what your customers will respond best to before they even walk into your store, or shop on your website?

When you combine location intelligence with customer experience analytics, you can do exactly that. For example, you’re an ecommerce clothing brand that sells high-end street fashion. Over the last few months, you’ve been getting some complaints from your customers about shipping times, and lengthy customer service hold times on the phone. The analytics on this is clear, that something needs to be done to streamline your shipping and customer service experience.

Using location intelligence, you realize that your target audience are mostly millennials and Gen Zers who have recently entered the workforce and do the majority of their online shopping on Amazon. With this insight, you realize that what you need is a higher digital customer service presence like online chat for example, and you need to offer cheaper two-day shipping or run a promotion of buy X amount, get free two-day shipping.

Better Together: Location Intelligence and Ecommerce Strategy

Analytics tools and location data work best when they are used together. To get the most out of your marketing, and to delight your customers in a way that will never see a bad review again, it’s time to consider what location intelligence and your current platforms can do when they are used in tandem.

For more information on the best marriage in marketing, contact us to speak with a location intelligence expert today.


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