Consumer Data Enrichment

Enrich your data with demographics and consumer profiles based on real-world behavior. 

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Mobile users frequently attending yoga classes & visiting yoga studios

How customers use our Consumer Data Enrichment

Unacast Consumer Data Enrichment helps our clients create complete audiences, improve reach, and maximize campaign performance. Platforms and organizations leverage our on-demand API to:

Photo of a woman looking happy at her cell phone. Devices used apple iPhone and laptop. employment office

Understand and Increase Reach

Target your ideal customers across their multiple devices and understand the true reach of your database with cross device identification. 

A group of friends smiling and pointing at something on a phone screen while dining at an outdoor restaurant on a sunny day. Category lifestyle subcategory food and beverage.

Create Effective Look-alike Modeling

Turn your best customers into more customers and reach untapped similar audiences.

A laptop screen organizing files described as in-market with a subcategory of employment

Maximize Campaign Performance

Improve return on ad spend (ROAS) and master frequency capping with true campaign measurement.

two young women drinking coffee at a cafe after shopping. category in-market. subcategory shopping.

Achieve Addressable Advertising

Increase identity resolution and target the right message to the right people at the right time. 

Man looking out a bus route map. demographic young unmarried man. interests fitness and travel.

Complete Consumer Profiles

Create a holistic view of who consumers are, why they do what they do, and what they really want.

Consumer Data Enrichment Features

Unacast’s Consumer Data Enrichment API enriches pseudonymous Registration IDs or hashed email addresses (HEMs) with privacy-friendly demographics, app data, Unacast Personas, and more.

Device Persona
App Information
Marital Status
Global Countries Traveled
HEM to Maid

Enrich the data that powers your revenue

Data in Action

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Persona ID

Auto Buyers - GM


Mobile devices that recently visited a General Motors automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Honda


Mobile devices that recently visited a Honda automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Hyundai


Mobile devices that recently visited a Hyundai automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Kia


Mobile devices that recently visited a Kia automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Lexus


Mobile devices that recently visited a Lexus automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Made in America


Mobile devices that recently visited an automobile dealership with American-made car options

Auto Buyers - Nissan


Mobile devices that recently visited a Nissan automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Toyota


Mobile devices that recently visited a Toyota automobile dealership

Auto Buyers - Volkswagen


Mobile devices that recently visited a Volkswagen automobile dealership

Auto Mechanic Visitors


Mobile devices that recently visited an auto mechanic service or repair shop

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