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Unacast Updates Social Distancing Scoreboard

Social Distancing Scoreboard Improvements to the Interface, the Scoring System, and the Grading Methodology

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Touchdown in Atlanta: Human Mobility During The Big Game

Every year the Big Game creates a boom of travel to its host city, but how exactly does that boom affect the activity surrounding the stadium? Software Engineers Sruthi Subramanyam and Julie Kirkhus take a look.

Data Insights: Understanding Traffic, Trade Area and Site Selection

Retailers have multiple tools and datasets at their disposal to learn about their customers. But how much deeper can location data allow them to go? Data Analyst Alec Kamra finds out.

Increasing Revenue Through Smarter Site Selection: Unacast & Carto

When CARTO was tasked with optimizing ROI for a local food truck business, Unacast data played a key role in the decisioning model.

KeyMe Boosts Kiosk Revenue by Over 50% with Site Selection Insights from Unacast

Unacast partnered with KeyMe, a leading security technology company revolutionizing the locksmith industry, to improve their kiosk site selection and ultimately boost revenue.

Two Days in Oslo - We Know Nothing About Our Cities

We argue that most cities today have very little data and insights into how cities are used. So, we decided to dig into our data products and new city analytic product suites, built on top of aggregated anonymous data from the telco Telia, to see what we could find.

Amazon in the Big Apple: What Location Data Can Tell Us

With a mammoth moving in, what will Amazon’s new HQ2 mean for commuters and city dwellers? Location data may have the answers.

We Go Together Like Makeup and...Coffee?

Why is location data important if advertisters can simply draw logical conclusions? Data Analyst Alec Kamra explains.

302,050 cows in low earth orbit - and other ways to quantify data

How do you use location data to place 302,050 cows in low earth orbit? VP of Engineering, Andreas Heim, explains.

How Can Big Game Location Data Translate to Better Business?

Check out the first edition of our monthly data insights series to find out how location data from the big game can affect strategic planning for businesses.