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How I use location data as a CRE investor - Stefan Martinovic, Midwood Investments

Stefan talks about how he and Midwood use location data to explore CRE investment & development opportunities and find an advantage in the age of COVID-19.

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Black Friday 2020: Light foot traffic projected in luxury shopping areas

Foot traffic data predicts a drop in Black Friday 2020 sales. However, luxury retailers may prove to be an exception. Learn more...

Introducing Emerging Areas: Real Visibility into Human Migration

Today, we introduce Emerging Areas, our latest solution to understand human mobility and migration in the COVID-19 age.

Unacast Presents Emerging Areas

As people continue to migrate out of certain cities and into other areas, it is important to understand not only which cities are changing in population size but also the composition of the change.

How to Use Human Mobility Data for Commercial Leasing Risk Assessment

Risk assessment in commercial leasing is hard in the pandemic era. Human mobility insights help make it easier.

How CRE Investors Use Human Mobility Data - Part Two

Selecting a location, assessing the local market, and analyzing commercial feasibility.

How CRE Investors Use Mobility Data - Part One

Analyzing COVID-19 migration patterns and identifying areas of growth

Memorial Day vs Labor Day in New York: The Long Weekend Effect

How does New York compare to Texas and California on flattening the COVID-19 infection rate and rolling out a recovery plan?

Texas bar owners’ stand on COVID-19 may be their last

With 10,000 new cases daily, bar owners in Texas’ COVID-19 hot-spots are vowing to defy the Governor’s latest closure order. The data says that is a bad idea.

California on the brink: What the three last months can tell us about what's next

Easing government restrictions and a decline in social distancing over Memorial Day weekend led to a doubling of COVID-19 infections and hampered recovery in California. Failure to stick to the latest shutdown could make things much worse by Labor Day.

NYC Workplace Recovery: Categories & Brands

A detailed dive into the categories and brands that are heading towards recovery, with a focus on Starbucks's current brand snapshot.

NYC Workplace Recovery: 2 Weeks into Phase Three

Workers from high-risk infection areas labor in open neighborhoods, while Manhattan residents up their recreational visits and downtown office buildings sit empty.

Neighborhood Insights: New York City - June 2020

Don't bug me, I'm Local: Residents and NYC Locals are the catalyst to recovery in neighborhoods bereft of Workers and Tourists.

Travel & Hospitality Insights - June 2020

We’re here for a short time, not a good time: Motels like Microtel are battling-back, while upscale hotels like Hilton lag behind.

More J.C. Penney closures in less restrictive states despite superior reopening traffic

City stores survive while Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is abandoned.

Restaurant Industry Recovery Insights - June 2020

Among the first to issue shutdown orders and start reopening, South Carolina and Tennessee are leaders in restaurant visitation recovery.

Alabama, Louisiana beach visits double over Memorial Day 2019

Visits to most beaches in Northeast U.S. and California decline