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Multifamily residential investment - MFR rental property in Seattle

A location data driven analysis of multi family residential rental properties from the perspective of a MFR investor seeking cash flow deriving income property assets for portfolio investment.

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MFR Investment Analysis: New Orleans

MFR Investment --> Will cash flow from real estate rental property income continue to grow? Is COVID going to come raging back to Louisiana and put your fund at risk? Could 18 million people each year decide the French Quarter is no longer a fun place to be?

Covid Migration Patterns: 4 Observations

On the surface, US Covid-19 migration trends and the associated narrative are clear: people are leaving big cities, billions are being redistributed, brands and investors are struggling to sort it all out . . . These stories repeat themselves in both the data and the media, and they’re true, on a broad scale. But then there’s the funky stuff.

CREs: Are you focusing on the wrong Opportunity Zones?

You are an analyst who recently joined a Real Estate Investment Firm and was tasked to evaluate whether opportunity zones in Miami were a good investment. You need always updated and reliable info -- but what is out there that can help you succeed?

Unacast launches through Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace

Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace now offers Unacast Migration Patterns dataset.

Media Coverage of Houston Migration Report

We compiled media coverage around Unacast's Houston migration white paper. Read excerpts from Reuters, the Houston Chronicle, and more.

How I Use Location Data as a CRE Investor

Stefan talks about how he and Midwood use location data to explore CRE investment and development opportunities to gain an advantage over the competition.

Understanding Human Migration Using Location Data

The only reliable way to understand human migration and movement trends is through location data. Learn how Unacast is moving the needle forward.

[NEW] Emerging Areas: Human Migration Insights

Emerging Areas provides insights into human migration and mobility, facilitating smarter decision making for real estate agencies and other professionals.

Understanding Emerging Areas

With increased migration across the US, real estate and other professionals need insight into shifting population density. Emerging areas provides that.

Location Data for Commercial Lease Risk Assessment

Risk assessment in commercial leasing can be a challenge. A global health crisis amplifies that challenge, but human location data can help. Learn more.

How CRE Investors Use Human Mobility Data - Part Two

Selecting a location, assessing the local market, and analyzing commercial feasibility.

How CRE Investors Use Mobility Data - Part One

Commercial real estate investors use Unacast’s location data to research investment opportunities for new residential properties in the Northeast US.

Unacast Launches Migration Patterns

How has COVID-19 redefined our residential landscape?

Introducing: International Social Distancing Data

Up to now our coverage has mainly focused on the evolving pandemic situation in the US — but we see the need and demand for understanding movement behaviors within and across other countries. Moreover, as one of the few location data companies with global coverage, we have the opportunity to make a difference beyond our borders. That’s why, due to popular demand, we’ve expanded our Social Distancing scoring data internationally.

Rounding Out the Social Distancing Scoreboard

Measuring social distancing has been challenging. Our Social Distancing Scoreboard now incorporates all the metrics needed to paint an accurate picture.

Unacast Updates Social Distancing Scoreboard

Learn how you can use our updated COVID-19 Social Distancing Scoreboard to solve operational challenges for the retail, real estate, marketing, and other industry verticals.