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Holiday Foot Traffic: Which airports have recovered?

We tapped Unacast’s BYO Venue Data Platform and built an online workbook to study traffic trends from 2019 until the end of November 2021 at some of the largest airports in the U.S., including Miami International, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, LAX and JFK.

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Out of Office

Total foot traffic to shared workspaces is down both nationally and in every key state we measured — a clear indication of risk for analysts and investors with coworking brands in their portfolio.

Whole Foods Cross-Visitation: An Interactive Map

To study Whole Foods cross-visitation from grocery store locations in the US, we used Unacast Now and Tableau to build an interactive map detailing the Top 10 most cross-visited brands by local, state and national figures. The data presented here was gathered between November 15 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Nike v Adidas v Puma: Holiday Shopping Competition

How is the pandemic impacting the competition in the global $100 billion dollar athletic footwear industry, and which brand has established footprints in what US market? We studied recent US foot traffic data for Nike, Adidas and PUMA to find out.

How to leverage Unacast data to estimate business potential in a region?

Measuring the number of people visiting certain venue, a set of venues, or a brand, is probably the most common way of using human mobility data. It is a perfectly valid use-case as long as there is a list of existing venues and one wants to know how they perform. But what if a venue does not exist, yet we still want to know which regions hold the potential for opening one?

The Top Real Estate Analytics Companies Right Now

Real estate analytics leads to improved decision making, customer engagement, and building performance. A large part of real estate analytics includes location data. It all starts with choosing the right tool. This article has a brief list of the top real estate analytics companies and what types of features they bring to the table for commercial real estate, in particular.

3 Overarching Location Data Use Cases

No matter the vertical, there are seemingly just three overarching location data use cases. Each use case is simple enough to define but covers a fair bit of ground in terms of variants and application.

Using Demographics to augment Location Data

Demographic data can provide excellent insights on its own but how can it be used to augment fresh location data, too?

Ground Truth Analysis of Unacast Foot Traffic Data

Finding absolute visitation numbers for venues requires a lot of resources. In this article, we compare Unacast venue data against a third-party ground truth to show you how well the algorithms work. We look at ground truth data for a variety of venues from stadiums to students and manufacturing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Points of Interest

A Point of Interest (POI) is a location that lots of people visit either routinely, seasonally, or based on certain events. A location can register as a POI in many different ways. The simplest way is to attract a lot of attention.

Apprivacy - How GDPR helped the app publishing ecosystem

GDPR is notoriously vague, and difficult to understand...but is it really a blessing in disguise? Co-founder and COO Kjartan Slette shares his take on how app publishers can act on GDPR to use it as a catalyst for innovation.

Touchdown in Atlanta: Human Mobility During The Big Game

Every year the Big Game creates a boom of travel to its host city, but how exactly does that boom affect the activity surrounding the stadium? Software Engineers Sruthi Subramanyam and Julie Kirkhus take a look.

Ready, Set, Github Action!

In late 2018 Github released a new feature called "Actions" in response to Github Events. Senior Software Engineer Ole Christian Langfjæran explains how we at Unacast have started using it for our deployments, and why we find it particularly interesting.

Auto refreshing your Firebase app using Pub/Sub and Cloud Functions

How do you make a Firebase app automatically refresh, in order to reflect a state that is handled by another service in your Microservices stack? Specialized Software Engineer, Torbjørn Vatn, presents one solution.

Navigating Location Data’s Ethical Minefield

The question of ethics has a place in location data. CEO Thomas Walle discusses how to navigate it.

Data Sources: What's the Difference and Why Should it Matter?

Location data has already rounded the corner from "nice to have" to "need to have". But not all location data is the same - get to know the differences in data sources.

(VIDEO) What can three trillion data points can tell us about Norwegian's behavior during the pandemic?

What can three trillion data points tell us about the movement of an entire nation during the COVID 19 pandemic? A lot. Watch and learn.