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Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe's in San Francisco

Which grocer gets the most foot traffic?

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How Five Below Can Use Retail Location Data to Spot New Emerging Areas

Five Below is a growing brand -- Retail Location data can help them, or any retailer, penetrate new markets, grow distribution, and expand assortment.

How do car dealership brands get foot traffic?

You will learn each car dealer’s census tract traffic patterns for October 1 2020 into March 2021. You will get precise venue foot traffic measurements by auto dealer location and brand, including activity trendlines. Finally, you will see where people are coming from to visit these dealerships, how far they are travelling, how long they are staying there, and the competitive car dealership brands they are visiting. 

Nike or Adidas: Which brand leads recovery efforts?

Consumer visitation to clothing retailers took a surprise jump heading into June as more U.S. states began reopening for business.

More J.C. Penney closures reported amidst pandemic.

City stores survive while Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is abandoned. J.C. Penney closures continue despite successful reopening efforts. Learn more.

Restaurant Industry Recovery Insights - June 2020

Among the first to issue shutdown orders and start reopening, South Carolina and Tennessee are leaders in restaurant visitation recovery.

Early Access: Unacast Recovery Tool

Preparing for the new normal in the age of COVID-19

A New & Improved Retail Impact Scoreboard

Now measuring recent recovery trends across the country.

Unacast Announces Global Partnership with ShopperTrak

Unacast announces global partnership with ShopperTrak

Introducing: International Social Distancing Data

Up to now our coverage has mainly focused on the evolving pandemic situation in the US — but we see the need and demand for understanding movement behaviors within and across other countries. Moreover, as one of the few location data companies with global coverage, we have the opportunity to make a difference beyond our borders. That’s why, due to popular demand, we’ve expanded our Social Distancing scoring data internationally.

Introducing: Unacast’s Retail Impact Scoreboard

The Retail Impact Scoreboard. By comparing current foot traffic to pre-outbreak foot traffic, we can provide retailers, retail analytics groups, and other purveyors of goods and services with a better understanding of the virus’s commercial impact across a variety of geographies and retail types.

Rounding Out the Social Distancing Scoreboard

Measuring social distancing has been challenging. Our Social Distancing Scoreboard now incorporates all the metrics needed to paint an accurate picture.

Unacast Updates Social Distancing Scoreboard

Learn how you can use our updated COVID-19 Social Distancing Scoreboard to solve operational challenges for the retail, real estate, marketing, and other industry verticals.

The Unacast Social Distancing Scoreboard

Introducing our Social Distancing Scoreboard. It was developed to reinforce the importance of social distancing and is free for public use. Learn more.

Why location data should matter to all consumer brands

Not paying attention to location data simply because you don’t run a physical store? If that’s the case, I’d like to make an argument for paying greater attention to location. Simply put, location needs to matter to all consumer brands. It’s not just for brick-and-mortar retailers - it’s for everyone.