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Are You Not Entertained? A Look at Foot Traffic to Revenue Interactions in Amusement & Recreation

Amusement and recreation took a global hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but are top entertainment brands like Dave & Busters and Drive Shack back on track?

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Grocery Store Foot Traffic During COVID

Looking closely at the visitation data at grocery stores from the past two years can help us understand regional trends in brand affinity, visualize how the pandemic has affected household shopping habits, and identify areas for market growth in the post-pandemic era.

Lululemon v Athleta: Holiday Shopping Foot Traffic

When we checked in on the competition between apparel retailers lululemon and Athleta in October 2021, lululemon was outperforming its rival nationwide, while Athleta held an advantage in 11 state markets and several metro areas, such as Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Dallas.

4 Observations: Retail foot traffic as a proxy for holiday consumption

Anecdotally, it makes sense that foot traffic is an indicator of consumption -- where there are people coming in the door, transactions are being conducted. This makes mobility data valuable in a variety of industries, retail especially, and no time of the year produces the same level of retail foot traffic data in the US as the holiday shopping season.

Macy’s v. Nordstrom: Retail Foot Traffic amid COVID

Looking closely at the visitation dat these stores recorded over the past two years can help us visualize areas of regional competition between the two brands, understand how the pandemic has affected the holiday shopping season, and consider takeaways for retail marketing and operations in the post-pandemic era.

The Top 10 Retail Analytics Companies in the UK

These top 10 retail analytics companies in the UK can help improve the customer experience using metrics like store performance, consumer habits, sales trends, foot traffic, and location data.

Retail Impact Scoreboard - November 2021

Let’s dive into the foot traffic data from Unacast’s Retail Impact Scoreboard to understand how retail is performing as a whole in November 2021, and which industries stand out from the crowd, for better or worse.

Fitness Center Foot Traffic During COVID

For this post, we created a Tableau workbook visualizing foot traffic performance at fitness centers in the US between January 1 2020 and September 30 2021.

Popeyes foot traffic during COVID

The first week of November 2019 marked Popeyes’ highest-ever week of foot traffic. But how has visitation at Popeyes fluctuated since the start of Covid-19, what regions and metro areas are overperforming, and how can Popeyes and their competitors use the data?

Retail Site Selection: There's a better way

Fueled by location intelligence from Unacast Now, we walk you through an example of using our data to assess different potential store locations in an urban trade area.

Whole Foods Cross-Visitation: An Interactive Map

To study Whole Foods cross-visitation from grocery store locations in the US, we used Unacast Now and Tableau to build an interactive map detailing the Top 10 most cross-visited brands by local, state and national figures. The data presented here was gathered between November 15 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Retail foot traffic: Is There Enough Oxygen for Staples in Montgomery County, Ohio?

Montgomery County, where the city of Dayton is located in southwest Ohio, is home to four office supplies and stationery stores. Two are Office Depot locations; one belongs to Staples and another to Cartridge World. Retail foot traffic varies widely between each.

Site Performance & Selection: Retail foot traffic office supply data in New York State

We used Unacast Now and Tableau to build an interactive map detailing the foot traffic performance of Staples office supply stores in New York State from September 2020 to September 2021. Click around and zoom-in a bit and you may notice distinct pockets of opportunity for each office supplies retailer.

Restaurant Foot Traffic by State - Summer 2021

Restaurant foot traffic is ticking-up heading into autumn of 2021, but what’s the lingering damage versus the pre-COVID trend, and can recent short term gains sustain through the end of the year to create mid term strength heading into 2022? Unacast studied restaurant foot traffic across the US for the period of June 1 to August 21, 2021 to find out.

Nike v Adidas v Puma: Holiday Shopping Competition

How is the pandemic impacting the competition in the global $100 billion dollar athletic footwear industry, and which brand has established footprints in what US market? We studied recent US foot traffic data for Nike, Adidas and PUMA to find out.

How retail cross-visitation data can inform competitive analysis

See how cross-visitation data can inform retail competitive analysis, featuring data and observations about Nordstrom, American Eagle, Target and Homewood Suites.

Interactive location data used to assess retail site performance: Athleta vs. Lululemon

We used Unacast NOW to take a look at how Athleta is faring across the US over summer of 2021. To provide context, we compared Athleta to lululemon, with special focus in markets where the two compete head to head. This interactive table shows the results.