CTO Frode Bjerke Named to 2019 Leadership Talents Award

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At Unacast we are fortunate to be able to work on a team of so many talented people, and many of them have rightfully been recognized as national talents. Earlier this month our dedicated, passionate, and talented CTO Frode Bjerke was honored as one of the top young leaders and one of the top ten innovators in Norway, by the leading financial news site E24.no. 

The 2019 Leadership Talents Award

The 2019 Leadership Talents are selected to recognize exceptional Norwegian business leaders under 35 who have demonstrated impressive results, and decision-making responsibilities. Honorees are chosen through an intensive and thorough 4 month process, beginning with a nomination. Nominees are then asked to provide 2 references, a self assessment and their CV, which are used to rank them based on experience. There is then an expert assessment in each category and each nominee is interviewed by executive search firm Mercuri Urval, who is E24's partner in the award. Mercuri Urval then creates a comprehensive report on each nominee, which are then evaluated by an independent jury. In the end, 100 honorees are chosen and celebrated for the prestigious list of Young Leaders. Both of Unacast’s co-founders, Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette, were previous honorees.

What’s Next For Frode

As he looks toward 2020, Frode, together with his equally talented team, is building a new global defining data set: The Real World Graph®. The Real World Graph® is an interconnected system of data sets that understands human mobility in the physical world using a combination of map data, location data, and strategic insights. The Real World Graph® leverages a quality data set with the highest privacy standards and power multiple real estate developers, retailers, city planners and many other companies to build better products and make better decisions. The Real World Graph® is the kind of product that the world has never seen before, and this kind of visionary thinking is why we are so proud to have Frode at Unacast.


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