Industry Game Changer: The Data Market's Newest Data Intelligence on Population Movement

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Understanding today’s trends in population movement is now more important than ever. With these changes, organizations across industries are using location data to better understand how their businesses can and should evolve.  

That’s why Unacast is thrilled to announce the release of the updated Migration Patterns dataset, built for analytics leaders and data scientists across the Real Estate, Healthcare, Software, and Consulting industries.

Migration Patterns is a dataset that helps end users achieve a macro and micro level understanding of exactly how communities’ population makeup evolve over time– and what this means for their business. With a lack of actionable, accurate information available in the market, analytics leaders and data scientists trust Unacast data to serve as a key pillar in their data-driven decision making strategies. But what truly separates this offering from the pack is the deeper granularity, allowing for more localized insights, reduced supply fluctuations as a result of stratified panel sampling, and enhanced data insights powered by reduced noise from semi-permanent or intra-metro area moves. 

Based on real-world people movement, this newest iteration is optimized to improve, accelerate, and validate decision making by

  • Enhancing granularity starting at the U.S. Census tract level, allowing for deeper, more localized insights
  • Reducing impact of supply fluctuations with representative, stratified panel sampling
  • Limiting “noise” by including only home-to-home moves greater than 500 meters
  • Delivering monthly updates, empowering clients to make decisions based only on the most recently available data
  • Increasing transparency around our methodology 

Our clients leverage Unacast data to achieve confidence in making the next right decision. Across industries, our partners leverage Migration Patterns to:

Identify potential commercial hubs
Make prompt investment decisions by using Unacast data to observe which areas are experiencing an increase in population and/or income levels. 

“One thing that's really been powerful for us is the way that the data is tagged with the source migrant’s income level enabling us to calculate affordability. Essentially what we found is that there's more affluence coming into the state.” 

– Market Intelligence Director, National Home Building Company

Understand regional differences in behavior
By looking at the rate of moves for different areas, understand the difference in behavioral responses to nationwide events across rural, urban and suburban areas.

"While location data is one only piece of the puzzle, we believe that it paints a more holistic picture, helping us generate more objective, accurate quotes.”

– Chief Underwriting Officer, Property and Casualty Insurer 

Enhance demand forecasting
Leverage an understanding of population shifts to better predict demand across both existing and potential new markets. 

“The biggest question was, can we believe that these trends will continue? Or, is it going to shift at some point? We just didn’t feel like we had enough data to be able to track that in real time like we could with Unacast.

– Market Intelligence Director, National Home Building Company

Pinpoint Areas of Depleting Population 
By identifying areas with greater outflows, find out which regions are more susceptible to an economic downturn and divest or increase investments accordingly.

“We found ourselves struggling to align investment decisions to the recent changes in population makeup. For us, it’s just as important to quickly identify areas that have reduced demand for healthcare services as it is to identify growing areas for future investments. With Unacast, we’re able to course correct for a decrease in demand, providing a near-instant ROI."

– Business Intelligence Director, National Healthcare System

TL;DR – In Summary

What is it? 

Migration Patterns is a dataset that helps users understand population movements and the resulting population composition changes within specific geographic regions. 

Who is it for? 

Our clients are typically leaders in analytics, data science, market intelligence, and investment and span from Real Estate and Healthcare to Software and Consulting. We seek to help clients leverage the power of migration pattern data and insights to make smarter business decisions

What challenge does it solve? 

The lack of timely, accurate information available in the market to help professionals quickly make informed and data-driven investment decisions regarding specific geographic regions or communities.

How is this version different? 

V2 offers

  • deeper granularity allowing for more localized insights, 
  • reduced supply fluctuations as a result of stratified panel sampling, 
  • and enhanced data insights by reducing noise from semi-permanent or intra-metro area moves.

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