Introducing: The Real World Graph

Introducing: The Real World Graph

We all know that Google indexes the web. Online activity is easily searchable, trackable and analyzable. There is an overload of data about how consumers spend their time online, from where consumers like to shop to what type of music they enjoy listening to. But while we do spend about much of our lives on the internet, we spend 100% of our time in the real world. And how much do we know about life in the physical world? The answer is, not much. That’s why at Unacast we are building The Real World Graph.

What In The World Is The Real World Graph?

The Real World Graph is Unacast’s flagship product — our powerhouse for human mobility insights. The Real World Graph’s power lies in its function as a “database of databases,” putting together Unacast’s international location data, global digital atlas, and the strategic intelligence of our data scientists and business solutions experts to understand the movement of populations.

The result is that we can understand human mobility in an infinite number of ways.

But an infinite number of ways is a LOT of ways, and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve organized the Real World Graph into Data Packages, which help streamline our offerings. Each of these packages enables our clients to look at the data from different points of view:

The first of these offerings, the Venue and Neighborhood Data Packages, have been released into the market over the last few months and our partners have already reported the power of these game-changing insights. Florence Broderick, VP of Marketing at Carto, reports:

“Unacast’s data has allowed us to bring greater value and deeper insights to our Real Estate, Retail, and Consulting clients for their Site Planning and Monitoring needs.”

What Challenges Can the Real World Graph Solve?

The Real World Graph can help with almost any location-data problem you can imagine, but it has some specialties. Some of the challenges we specialize in are:

To help illustrate the power of the Graph, the validity of our data, and the talents of our Insights + Analytics team, we’re creating Data Studies. These studies take into account a variety of scenarios that are affected by human mobility. Check out the first two here:

Data Study: Data Predicts Your Trip to Miami

Featuring the Venue Data Package, this study predicts the journey a visitor is most likely to take, based on the Real World Graph's insights on the city, its neighborhoods, and its venues.

Click here to read this Data Study.

Data Study: Three Neighborhoods in Miami

Featuring the Neighborhood Data Package, this study compares three of Miami’s neighborhoods to understand the residential, commercial, and tourist complexion of each one.

Click here to read this Data Study.

How Does the Real World Graph Work?

Using the Real World Graph, Unacast can tell the entire story of real-world human activity using just six different types of calculations:

These six calculations are supplemented by even more capabilities within the Real World Graph which make our data as accurate and meaningful as possible:

  • Demographics: Both at the individual device level, and at the collective community level, we can factor in gender, ethnicity and age, so that we can see how different cohorts behave differently.
  • Extrapolation: No amount of device coverage can reflect 100% of human activity. That’s why we’ve developed a statistics-based capability to make educated assumptions about how a portion of the population scales up to represent the whole population. Through our sample of observations we can help account for biases to indicate the movement and behaviour of populations.
  • Filtering + Bias Correction: GPS data is very complex! Built over five years and improving on a daily basis, our unmatched IP built over 5 years eliminates false  positives, adjusts for biases, and corrects invalid data to ensure that our solutions live up  to our high — and rising — standards of quality.
  • Transparency: We’re working around the clock to increase supply to both our location data set and our digital atlas, but we never compromise on our high standards of data quality. So in the event that we don’t have enough quality data to be confident about a single interpretation, we let you know.

Who is the Real World Graph for?

Our team has domain expertise in the particular challenges and opportunities within retail, real estate, marketing, and travel & tourism. But no matter what industry you’re in, the Graph can be used by any business that stands to benefit from location data analytics.

Moreover, we regularly partner with organizations at all levels of data sophistication:

  • For analysts and other data-savvy users, we have an API that gives you direct access to the data at different levels of aggregation and a self-service portal for you to explore
  • For those who are new to data, or who don’t have a ton of in-house capabilities, we have visualizations and custom reports that not only present your data in relevant ways but can also tell you what it means

The World's Most Trustworthy Location Data

Whether you’re a device user contributing GPS data to our supply, or a consumer of that data, the Unacast ethos is one of radical transparency and unmatched quality. The result is a suite of data offerings that our clients have come to rely on.

Predicated on Privacy: Privacy regulations are not something we grudgingly accept — in fact, we embrace them. When many companies pulled out of Europe in anticipation of GDPR, we leaned in. We also practice the “right to be forgotten” which means a user’s data will be completely deleted upon request. We’re blazing trails with regard to only collecting data that is proactively volunteered, and giving our buyers a clear window into where their data comes from.

Reputable Trust: A lot of location data providers focus on delivering sheer volume. But more data often doesn’t mean more quality or more accuracy — that’s why we weed out the noise in our data sets and focus only on the human activity that we have a high degree of confidence in. From sourcing to delivery, Unacast prioritizes quality in order to paint an accurate picture of real-world events.

Not just another inflexible dashboard: In the Real World Graph your business questions aren’t limited to the ones that are pre-programmed in. For uncommon questions or questions that are unique to your business, our strategists and data scientists partner with clients to determine the best way to use data to find answers. Often businesses (like you!) pair location data with other types of data in order to get a more fleshed-out picture of real-world events. We can correlate these additional sets of data with RWG data. If your organization has its own map data or points of interest, we can even ingest and correlate it in order to have a targeted focus on the places specific to you.

How Can I Learn More?

Now that you know the what, why and how about The Real World Graph, get in touch to learn more about how our team can help you.

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