A look ahead: Location Intelligence in 2022

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2021 was a great year for Unacast. Our team grew 2x in the last half of the year and now spans North America, South America and the broader EU, and we are still hiring – Join us at one of the fastest growing companies in the US and Be Your Own CEO.

Fueling our growth in 2021 was a fresh $16 million investment led by Camber Creek, with participation from White Star Capital and Investinor. We also exceeded our revenue goal for the year, setting new annual and quarterly records in the process, and passed a major ARR milestone along the way.

Beyond our ability to drive new opportunities in 2021, we did an exceptional job of nurturing the relationships we created, i.e. I’m proud to tell you Unacast’s Net Retention Rate for 2021 was very strong at 116%.

The metrics are nice, but what we are most pleased about is that growing revenue and achieving a high NRR really means that Unacast has happy customers and partners who trust us enough to increase their investment in our solutions.

So how did we get here? Not by ourselves, that’s for sure. Partnerships of all types were a significant driving force behind Unacast’s growth in 2021, e.g.;

  • We celebrated with our friends at Carto as that partner raised $61 million to help better visualize location data – a key enabling element to help take our own data ‘the last mile’ to become insights; 
  • We launched our partnership with Bloomberg and joined their Data Marketplace, opening the door to data savvy investors and analysts around the globe;
  • Our partnership with Shoppertrak is growing by combining Sensormatic’s shopper experience solution with Unacast’s mobility data to help retailers;
  • Telia, our first global partner for Turbine, signed with Unacast to power their location tech and insights across all of Telia’s markets in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

To support all of this growth, we’ve invested in our partnership organization and continued to make Customer Success a top priority. From front to back, we take a proactive, solutions oriented approach that’s embedded in our unique Nordic culture committed to transparency and detail. The view from where we sit as the world enters 2022 is quite promising.

We see that digital transformation of enterprises is accelerating, with large organizations’ ability to work with data now rapidly improving. Simply put, this means the market is better able to understand how they want to buy and work with our data platform.

The use cases for each client and partner are unique and cover a wide spectrum but the goal is always to generate insights that inform significant, real time decisions. To sell into this complex market, we will evolve our partnership model with additional tech and data vendors.

In 2022, we will go deeper, focusing on expanding our partnerships with leading consultancies, to broaden the scope of buyers leveraging location data and insights..

To support our global expansion, we will launch our first international aggregated data products – a powerful evolution in our offerings which will provide more contextual information and regional-specific data, so retailers and others can more deeply understand their customers. 

We will also co-develop market specific solutions with our technology partners. These will help retailers, real estate investors and others bridge the gap between data and insights and improve their business. These co-developed solutions will also create new revenue streams for Unacast.

In short, we have much planned for 2022 and there is more coming soon, including:

  • New sector insights, research on supply chain troubles, a spotlight on the insurance sector, and surprising new data correlating the relationship between foot traffic and revenue for publicly traded companies; and
  • New partnership announcements and the launch of new co-developed solutions to accelerate adoption in target sectors and markets.

Go-forward, Unacast remains committed to being transparent about the direction of our business, our commitment to privacy, and about the important things we learn from our data that need to be shared. 

We will continue to put our customer and partner relationships at the heart of our organization and strive to be the most global, trusted and easiest-to-work with location data company in the world.

If you’d like to know more about Unacast’s plans for 2022, or you’d like to partner with us, please talktous@unacast.com .


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