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The Event

The 2023 Real Estate Technology Conference (RETCON) will be held April 2-4 2023 at the New York Marriott, right at the Brooklyn Bridge. RETCON 2023 will bring together the world’s leading real estate owners, operators and developers to facilitate technology adoption & innovation within the real estate industry.

Sessions we look forward

In the Office track, we’ll be spending as much time as we can learning and connecting around Due Diligence & Site Selection. Sessions that look particularly interesting are Portfolio Performance: Using Tech to Increase the Return on Your Investments on Monday, and Investment & Innovation: What to Expect in Commercial Real Estate Technology Investment, on Tuesday.

In the Transformation track, we are all over anything that examines how real estate transactions get done faster. Sessions on our hit list include Getting Deals Done: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Deal on Monday. A great complement to this one should be the Tuesday morning General Session How Data & Technology Are Transforming Commercial Real Estate.

Conversations we’d like to have

The people and teams we’d like to engage with are concerned with how fresh data about population movement and emerging areas can help them to make faster investment and deal decisions. Some of the most common things our clients want to do are:

  • Understand if securitized loans align with the reality of emerging areas
  • Identify inflow areas to prioritize investment in alternative assets, REITS, distressed debt, etc.
  • Understand housing stock accessibility and what businesses/services will be underserved by the growing population (i.e. identify opportunity for new markets)
  • Identify at-risk areas that will be more susceptible to an economic depression (defaulting on loans, bankruptcy declarations, failure to meet mortgage payments, etc.)

Sound like something you’d like to discuss? Our Jon Torre would be pleased to meet with you.

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