How our Real Estate Client Improved its ROI on Brick-and-Mortar Sites

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Many businesses are beholden to shifts in population size, demographic profile makeup, and neighborhood composition, especially in the post-COVID era. In order to prioritize maximum-impact investments in brick-and-mortar locations, our client’s business insights group analyzed various population trends. While they were able to identify broad U.S.-based migration patterns, our client was struggling to understand specifically which demographic segments drove these patterns.

The company sought to better understand exactly which states, metro areas, and neighborhoods were most impacted by migration. But more importantly, which age and income brackets were driving these changes.

Why Unacast?

Our client needed to shape key investment decisions around local residents’ socio-demographic statuses and origin locations. Unacast’s accurate, granular, and curated data sets offered our client the key insights required to validate investments in select communities.


Paired with additional public and proprietary data sources, Unacast data supplemented existing statistical models to illustrate a holistic portrait of how changes in migration patterns impacted different communities. 

Our client leveraged these findings to

  • Finalize short-term decisions with renewed clarity around gaps in understanding
  • Future-proof long-term investment strategies with stronger, actionable, predictive insights for subsequent developments
  • Preserve internal resourcing with a shortened validation period powered by newly advanced proprietary research 

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