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Curious about how you can use location data for your business?

We’ve built sample location data visualizations into our Unacast Now data portal so you can bring location data to life and determine if it’s a fit for your business. 

Explore foot traffic data trends, brand cross-visitation, and trade areas for Walgreens and Taco Bell. You can also request a free data sample to perform your own analysis. 

Brands like Bloomberg, University of Chicago, Midwood Investment & Development, and Henry Ford Medical Group leverage Unacast’s location data to make data-driven decisions. But don’t take our word for it – explore the data today!


Explore Interactive Location Data Visualizations

An even better way to understand location data.

Location data helps you understand visitation to a certain area at a certain time. It helps you optimize business intelligence for your company by helping you: 

  • Understand daily and weekly patterns of customer visits to your location portfolio
  • Identify new target markets
  • Track competitor performance
  • Choose your next site with confidence or make quick decisions on underperforming locations

Clients like Midwood Investments count on Unacast location data to achieve key performance indicators and optimize revenue. Schedule a meeting with a location data expert to learn more!

Foot Traffic Data

Are you meeting your customers' needs?

With detailed insights on population movements and shifts in demographics, you can measure:

  • Customer interest – How many people visit your store? 
  • Market fit – How do visitation patterns change over time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)?
  • Customer loyalty – Do your customers return to you every month or go elsewhere?
  • Customer engagement – How much time do people spend at your venue? 
foot traffic data

Want to learn more? Explore Foot Traffic Data.

What is the demographic profile of your visitors?

Establish your visitor base with the most current demographic data on the market. Combine age, gender, and income factors with visitor home and work origins, travel distance, and dwell time to create dynamic user profiles. 


Explore the Visualizations in Unacast Now.

Cross-Visitation Data

Want to understand how to meet your customers' needs?

By viewing which locations your customers also visit, you can:

  • Improve your product offerings – identify gaps in your offerings that existing customers are buying from other stores
  • Discover strategic partnerships – find cross-sell opportunities with other retailers who share your target audience
  • Level up your competitive intelligence – improve your site selection, marketing campaigns, and competitive strategies
  • Curate the customer experience – uncover consumer behavioral patterns and how they change over time
cross visitation data

Want to learn more? Explore Cross-Visitation Data.

Trade Area Data

How do customers' home and work locations impact your business?

With an understanding of how your visitors’ home and work origins change over time, you can:

  • Discover market opportunities – capitalize on underserved markets with first-mover advantage
  • Reduce risk – plan for relocations to adjust for customer migrations or market changes
  • Boost store revenue – adjust store layouts, inventories, and offers based on your target audience's lifestyles
  • Improve accessibility – uncover whether your business is accessible by both locals and out-of-towners with data-driven trade area insights

Want to learn more? Explore Trade Area Data.

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