Unacast Wins "Top 20 Leading Retail Tech Companies of 2019" For Work On The Real World Graph®

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I am extremely proud to announce that Unacast has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Leading Retail Tech Companies of 2019 by Retail CIO Outlook. This hand-picked lineup features retail tech specialists in a number of areas, all of whom are at the forefront of providing leading next-generation technology solutions and transforming retail business through their unique and innovative offerings. Unacast was recognized for our groundbreaking work in building The Real World Graph® - our flagship product which puts together our international location data, global digital atlas, and the strategic intelligence of our data scientists and business solutions experts to understand the movement of populations.

Hitting a Moving Target with Location Data

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, retailers have been challenged to keep apace with consumers’ hectic schedules, their quickly-evolving expectations, and the everyday technological tools that make both of those possible. In other words, retailers are constantly aiming at a moving target: novel and profitable ways to fit themselves into their audiences’ lives. 

On the whole, the industry has had no trouble assessing customers’ online journeys — but how they behave outside the store (whether it’s online or a brick-and-mortar) is largely uncharted. As a result, it’s notoriously difficult to determine if any given strategy is the right one for a particular business — let alone measuring and executing that strategy effectively.

This is where Unacast comes in. Our location data offerings help retailers understand and right-size their addressable markets in several key ways, including: 

  • Store closures in cases of cannibalization, 
  • Expansion into new, untapped markets, 
  • Store optimization
  • Marketing and advertising

Location analytics not only help explain what happens within stores (who visits, when, and for how long) but they also help contextualize those visits with insights such as: where visitors originate, how well stores capture surrounding foot traffic, and where else visitors shop. Finding patterns and trends in the data is what indicates in which ways audiences are evolving (or not) so that retailers can meet them where they are.

Quality In, Quality Out

While a larger volume of data might seem like a good path to those insights, it’s actually high-quality, vetted data that is better suited to delivering the accurate representations of real world events that are so critical to strategic decision-making in the retail industry. That’s why Unacast is so committed to quality — so we can deliver best-in-class products to our clients.

Insights For Every Retailer

From entry-point, bespoke reports in Report Studio, to full service insights and analytics with The Real World Graph®, Unacast is a full-service location data company, offering human mobility solutions to all retailers from scrappy pop-ups to international powerhouses. We are opening the door for retailers big and small to leverage the power of our best-in-class data analytics and insights.

This commitment to quality, customization, and servicing the breadth of the retail industry is what sets Unacast apart from our competition — and is one of the most important reasons we were honored by Retail CIO Outlook.


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